How To Style Your Bart Cart for Christmas

barcart styling barcart styling

I’m so excited to share with you my tricks to decorating the perfect Christmas Bar Cart! With a few holiday accessories and seasonally inspired liquors, styling a Christmas Bar Cart is simple 😉

First, if you don’t have a bar cart, I have linked below some gorgeous styles. Although I’ve seen barcarts in all metal shades and sizes, rectangular and gold are by far my favorite. Plus, their shape is practical!

Bar Carts

I could not have a Christmas barcart without a mini tabletop Christmas tree (or two! 😉 )bar cart styling

Tabletop Christmas Trees


A must have are some festive napkins, that obviously are also very practical for guests!

Another trick is adding a “faux” gift to your cart. All I did was wrap up an old small cardboard box and make it look all pretty!

Here are some gorgeous and fun Christmas wrapping paper options!

Lastly, I want to talk about what liquors to display. *Side note* the focus of your top shelf should be your small details. Things such as straws, stirrers, napkins and coasters.barcart stylingThe bottles you choose to display on your top shelf can be hard to decide on during any time of the year, but the holidays should inspire your choices and make that decision a bit easier! Think of your favorite Winter cocktail. Weather it be a classic like a Manhattan, Rye & Ginger Ale or a festive choice such as a Cranberry Martini or Eggnog. While I love choosing the prettiest bottle I’ve got to display front and center, looking at my bar cart during Christmas time and seeing the parts to my favorite Winter libation gets me excited and inspired to create yummy seasonal drinks and entertain guests. Not to mention, it’s practical to have readily your drink of the season! My favorite after dinner drink during the holiday season is a coffee cocktail (which I’ll be sharing the recipe to on SLC soon!). I choose which drinking glasses to display based on the drink as well. I have tons of different glasses that I love, so keeping with a structured drink theme makes the decision simple!bar cart stylingOh and finish it off with one more detail: toss a Christmas colored or printed kitchen towel on the handle of your bar cart (if it has one). Viola!bar cart styling

I would love to hear your own tips and tricks for your perfect holiday bar/bar cart!

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