Home Style Tips: Decorating an Accent Table

Home Style Tips: Decorating an Accent TableLamp: Uncommongoods Vase: Similar Terrarium: Amazon Tray: Similar Framed Art: MintedHome Style Tips: Decorating an Accent TableHome Style Tips: Decorating an Accent TableHome Style Tips: Decorating an Accent TableHome Style Tips: Decorating an Accent Table

Home Style Tips: Decorating an Accent Table

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’m kicking off this week with a little how-to and a few tips on decorating an accent table in your home. While looking at these photos, it’s a no brainer to notice the novel decor piece amongst the table-the beautifully industrial tabletop edison light bulb. When decorating an accent table, side table or any small surface tabletop in your home, it’s important to remember a few simple things.

Firstly, make it unique. Add one or two trinkets or novelty pieces to immediately make that space your own. While scanning your home, you should see pieces throughout each room that either mean something particularly special to you or define your homestyle. For me, it was easy to choose the Uncommongoods Walnut Faceted Pedestal Lamp as the piece I would center the rest of the tabletop decor around. While I’m actually not much of a lamp kind of decorator, I have always loved the timelessness of the edison bulb.

Secondly, surround your feature piece with neutral decor. I went for distressed white wooden pieces such as the serving tray and terrarium. These off set the structure and industrial look of the tabletop edison light bulb and help set a theme for the accent table.

Thirdly, add a touch of sophistication and freshness to the mix. If there is one thing in the home I continuously grow more and more fonder of, it is fresh flowers. If I could have them in every corner of the house, I would. Fresh flowers work especially well to add a lively quality to any tabletop surrounded my tough materials. I love to pair them with a chic vase such as the mercury glass one shown.

Lastly, give your accent table some height. The simplest way of doing this is by adding a couple of pedestal candle sticks to the mix. Since I chose white distressed wood as the somewhat theme of the table, I went with that look for the candle sticks as well.

There you have it, a few tips on decorating an accent table for your home. If you’re still looking for pieces that embrace your homestyle, take a look at Uncommongoods home decor section on their site. It’s full of unique statement pieces that are perfect to give your own special twist in your home!

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