A Friends Fiesta

fiesta party decorThis weekend, Nathan and I hosted our closest friends to a Friends Fiesta. We enjoyed enchiladas, chips and dips, Mexican rice and margaritas. While of course, finishing off with some delicious treats.

fiesta party decorWe did this to celebrate the friends we have made so many wonderful memories with and that have joined us in love and laughter over the years. We also wanted to share a special night together to ask if they would join us in being part of our Wedding Day!

fiesta party decorWe’re happy to report that they are as thrilled as we are to have them 🙂 I wanted to share the decor from the evening, as I enjoyed so much putting everything together. I am a huge details type of girl and I always hope it comes through in my decorating. My main goal is to have any special event represent Nathan and I and make our guests feel welcomed and loved!

fiesta party decorOne of my favorite aspects to decorate is always the bar. For this evening I used my indoor bar cart, as it was an intimate group and I didn’t need too much space.fiesta party decorBeing the Friends Fiesta it was, I couldn’t think of a better signature drink than Margaritas! I chose two delicious flavors, Mango and Pomegranate. All my guests needed to do was add ice and stir.

fiesta party decorA tip I would pass on to anyone who loves decorating with flowers, find paper flowers. They come solo, in garland and in bunches. You can decorate in so many ways with them and they are budget friendly. Plus, you can continue to use them!

fiesta party decorfiesta party decorI had these cuties throughout the decor. They added a touch of a south western vibe to add to the fiesta theme!

fiesta party decorfiesta party decorfiesta party decorNow onto the table decor. I just adore place settings. I feel you can use your imagination and implement even the most simple of things at a place setting, while keeping to a few rules. Symmetry, odd numbers and personalized touches.

fiesta party decorMy personalized touches were place cards and favors. Although the friends we asked to be our bridesmaids and groomsmen received a special gift of their own, it was important to us to give everyone a small gift and token of our love and thank you for joining us. The ladies received a deliciously smelling soy candle that came in the most darling tin can and the men received a cigar they smoked shortly after dinner to celebrate.

fiesta party decorfiesta party decorI wanted the floral centerpieces to be chic and full of color. With Spring in full swing, I incorporated bright pink tulips with sherbet orange carnations that both peaked out from full blossoms of white and blue hydrangeas. Each arrangement, along with the votive candles, was in a beautiful renaissance style colored glass.

fiesta party decorfiesta party decorfiesta party decorfiesta party decorfiesta party decorAnd a friends fiesta, really any fiesta, could not be complete without a piñata or two. These cuties added a quirky touch!

I had so much fun planning and decorating, but Nathan and I had an even better time spending the evening with great friends. As always, if you have any questions about the decor or where I purchased anything, shoot me an email!

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