Walmart Scrubbing Bubbles

Today I’m talking about one product that has made a huge impact on my household cleaning. Scrubbing Bubbles® is my go-to product when it comes to both big and small messes. In fact, it is the one product that never leaves my bathroom. I keep it in a corner to use quickly for small little messes and it remains there to be a part of my “cleaning days”. Walmart Scrubbing BubblesOne constant way I use Scrubbing Bubbles® is to clean up my makeup messes. My makeup powder gets everywhere and the worst part about it is that I can’t even tell how dirty my bathroom countertops are until I spray Scrubbing Bubbles® on them and wipe away a thick layer in one swipe.Walmart Scrubbing BubblesWalmart Scrubbing BubblesAnother reason I couldn’t live without Scrubbing Bubbles® is my lovable, but messy dog Oliver. Call me crazy, but I actually bathe my dog in my shower. (Can you say spoiled pup?) And after each puppy shower, my bathroom is one big furry mess. The last thing I want to do after bathing a 50 pound dog is use any more elbow grease to clean anything else. So, I spray Scrubbing Bubbles® and let it do all of the work while I try and get my wet dog to stop drying himself on my rugs!Walmart Scrubbing BubblesFor my hefty cleaning days, I love that I can just give my shower and tub some quick sprays and while Scrubbing Bubbles® works it’s magic, I can tend to mopping floors and folding laundry.

 The last aspect to love about Scrubbing Bubbles® is the fact that it can easily be found at any Walmart® in the Home Cleaning isle. I know my go-to cleaning product is always there when I need it…which is often! So, if you’ve been looking for a product to make you everyday life a cleaner and easier pick up, it’s time to use Scrubbing Bubbles®. Trust me, you too won’t let it leave your bathroom!

Walmart Scrubbing Bubbles*This post was sponsored by SC Johnson. All opinions are my own*

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