Tula Products Review

Cream: c/o Tula Exfoliating Mask: c/o TulaTula Products Blogger ReviewTula Products Blogger ReviewTula Products Blogger Review

Today I’m excited to share a skincare line that I have fallen in love with. For some time now Tula has been on my radar. The continuous raving reviews are what had me becoming more and more interested in the skincare line. When it comes to skincare, nothing persuades me. I’ve always believed in just carefully reading the ingredients label and testing products out myself. This is because of my extremely sensitive skin. However, the reviews I kept reading were so full of praise I knew I had to try the Tula line out for myself and let my readers know what the deal was.

Well, I’m in love. As I mentioned earlier, and many times on my blog before, my skin is very sensitive. Makeup, moisturizer, cleansers…the list goes on of things that will give me a breakout or rash instantly. So you can imagine my hesitance and choosiness when trying out any new products. However, I have nothing but good things to say about this skincare line. I wanted to give it a good amount of time (a 1 1/2 month to be exact) to make sure the results we’re positive and increasing in visibility, before I shared it with you all. And they have been 🙂

Tula Products Blogger Review

For the last two months I’ve been using the Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask twice a week and the Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream every day. I never use masks, quite frankly I’m terrified of them. With the sensitivity of my skin the thought of leaving a product on it for that long has never sounded like a good idea to me. Now, I don’t think I’ll ever stop using an exfoliating mask. As for the Hydrating Cream, I don’t think I’ll ever stop using THIS EXACT cream. Somedays I put it all over my face and neck, others just under my eyes. This past month and a half, I haven’t had one day of dry skin and I wake up every morning with soft, dewy skin. Now I’m ready to try Tula‘s other products to see what kind of goodness they do to my skin!

If you have been looking for amazing products to nourish and revive your skin, or just love adding new products to your routine, give this skincare line a try. And let me know your thoughts on it too!

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  1. 6.23.16
    Devon said:

    I’m really interested in the exfoliating mask! I have sensitive skin too (though it took me basically my whole life to realize it) so I’ve basically given up exfoliating because it’s too rough 🙁 I definitely need to find a good one though so I might give this a try! Thanks!

    • 6.23.16
      Camille of Join Me in Miami said:

      Hey Devon! I’ve always stayed cleared of these types of masks too, but this Tula one is SO gentle. I use it only twice a week and I’ve noticed amazing things like softer skin and a reduction in my pore size. Definitely recommend 🙂