West Palm Beach Road Trip with #ToyotaRAV4

Before I reached this dreamy destination and took a stroll on the intercostal, I was able to stop by my hotel and unpack everything easily from the RAV4. This was mainly because of it’s power liftgate, one push and the trunk opens and closes all on its own. As an avid overpacker, both of my hands were filled so I was grateful for that button. Some other features of this car that kept me at ease my entire trip were all of the safety aspects. From lane departure assistance, a rear camera, front/rear sensors and even a radar that slows down your RAV4 if it detects the vehicle in front of yours has slowed down and your still at a higher speed. It was such an amazing feeling to know I had all of those features working to keep me safe. Oh and it put my mom’s mind at ease too, aka parent approved!

West Palm Beach Road Trip #ToyotaRAV4West Palm Beach Road Trip #ToyotaRAV4

As we enter this weekend, I’m excited to give you a peek into my West Palm Beach Roadtrip with #ToyotaRAV4 I took ast weekend. I headed to one of my favorite cities in South Florida, West Palm Beach. While the trip from my hometown of Miami is only about a 75 mile drive, I enjoyed every second of it in a Toyota Rav4.

West Palm Beach Road Trip #ToyotaRAV4 West Palm Beach Road Trip #ToyotaRAV4 West Palm Beach Road Trip #ToyotaRAV4

West Palm Beach Road Trip #ToyotaRAV4

My weekend was filled with so many scenic stops and yummy treats. My favorite dessert spot in West Palm is Sloan’s Ice Cream Shop. Besides their delicious scoops, the place is the cutest thing ever-inside and out!

West Palm Beach Road Trip #ToyotaRAV4 West Palm Beach Road Trip #ToyotaRAV4

I got a two scoop cone, mint chocolate chip and birthday cake…SO GOOD.

West Palm Beach Road Trip #ToyotaRAV4

I also can’t travel to any city without visiting as many coffee shops as possible. I went to a delicious and chic little cafe called Johan’s Joe to enjoy a vanilla latte and croissant breakfast sandwich that was delish. P.S. how cute is my flamingo case from Incipio?

West Palm Beach Road Trip #ToyotaRAV4West Palm Beach Road Trip #ToyotaRAV4

After fueling up on some caffeine, it was time to explore more of the colorful city. Even coming from Miami, where street art is celebrated especially in cultural hubs like Wynwood, I was still impressed with the painted murals across the city.

West Palm Beach Road Trip #ToyotaRAV4

West Palm Beach Road Trip #ToyotaRAV4

West Palm Beach Road Trip #ToyotaRAV4

Why, yes. I did feel like a bad a$$ in this RAV4 posing in front of a mural of roaring lions. Wouldn’t you? 😉

Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC (“Toyota”) provided me with compensation and use of a RAV4 for a short period of time. The opinions I have shared about this vehicle are my own.

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