Lush V-Neck Crepe Blouse

Lush V-Neck Crepe BlouseLush V-Neck Crepe BlouseLush V-Neck Crepe BlouseLush V-Neck Crepe Blouse Lush V-Neck Crepe Blouse Lush V-Neck Crepe Blouse Lush V-Neck Crepe Blouse Lush V-Neck Crepe Blouse Lush V-Neck Crepe Blouse Lush V-Neck Crepe Blouse

I can’t believe we’re already well into August. I feel like it was just yesterday I was getting excited for Summer time and Summer fashion, and here I am today talking about Fall. Although we’re not quite there yet, especially where I live in South Florida, it is about that time to start thinking about Fall fashion. Whether that means getting creative with the pieces already in your wardrobe, or adding new seasonal ones.

If you are looking to add some new Fall items to your closet, I would highly recommend the Lush V-Neck Crepe Blouse in today’s post. It is such an amazing transitional piece, because of it’s lightweight and layer-able (just made that word up) aesthetic. Also…

Look at how many color options there are!

I slo love the lower hem in the back, such a cute detail.

Another piece that is a great option to purchase for Fall is a hat (or two). I am loving this flat brim wool hat. I’ve always been a sucker for hats. I think they’re an awesome accessory to purchase many of, because they instantly upgrade any outfit.

This hat comes in these amazing Fall shades:

As for my booties, I’m sure you recognized them from my style posts from last Fall. I love them that much-they are still in perfect condition and just as much of a necessity for this season. I would definitely recommend purchasing these boots. Wear them with jeans, dresses, shorts…literally any way you’d like.

And again, check out all of the awesome colors they come in!

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