Wedding Advice: Unexpected Costs to Expect

Hey loves! I’ve been meaning to get this post up for sometime. As many of the amazing memories and moments the entire wedding process brings your way, there are quite a handful of unexpected costs that come along that could put a damper on those warm fuzzy feelings if you didn’t see them coming. Today I’m sharing a list of some of those costs that could help bride-to-be’s, fiance’s and bridal parties. Here we go!

Wedding Advice: Unexpected Costs to Expect

  1. The Wedding Dress
    • Tax
      • Unless you’re very familiar with $1000’s+ purchases, it can be a real shock to realize how much of a chunk of cash taxes can be on your dress purchase.
    • Seamstress
      • It’s preferred and suggested to go with your bridal boutique’s seamstress when it comes to your dress. Even your go-to seamstress will probably not be completely familiar with the caliber of make and design of your dress. Designer and couture fashion is actually made an entirely different way than other types of clothing. However, with this expert technique comes a steeper price than usual. Most bridal boutique seamstresses will have a rate of $400-$800. Don’t get down about this factor! Once you find the dress you love, what makes it the dress of your dreams is the perfect made for you fit 🙂
    • Accessories
      • Veils, belts, hair pieces…unless you’re specifically bargain hunting for these items-if you purchase them at a bridal boutique they will run you anywhere from $100+.
      • Don’t forget about undergarments. You won’t want to skimp on finding the perfect bra and undies for your dress. Estimated cost $50-$150.

Remember to incorporate all of these details into your dress budget. So, when everything gets rung up, you’re not taken back by how easily everything adds up and can surpass your budget.

  1. Venue
    • What’s included?
      • It’s so important to know immediately what your venue offers. You may fall in love with a place, even put down a deposit and realize down the road they don’t include nearly as much as you’d hope for. This is when costs start adding up.
      • Preferred Vendors. This is a phrase you’ll quickly get familiarized, many venues will provide you their list of vendors they recommend and even prefer to work on their property. This is not only essential to know for great recommendations, but most venues will also eliminate vendor insurance or the actual vendor will provide a discounted rate. It’s totally ok if you don’t like some or any of the preferred vendors and rather go with others you favorite-it’s just an awesome opportunity to take a look at the list and have the possibility to save.
    • Taxes
      • Again, taxes can sneak up on you here.
    • Service Fee and Additional Costs
      • Having a formal dinner? Most venues will require a service fee charge for the waiting staff.
      • Remember you’ll need to provide meals for vendors who stay 3+ hours. So photographers, videographers, wedding planners, bands/DJ’s etc.
      • If you’re planning on adding hours to your wedding (the traditional time is 5 hours) calculate anywhere from $500-$1000 per additional hour.
  2. Invitations
    • When searching for invitations, remember that you may not be purchasing just the invitations.
      • Invites, RSVPS, Details Card and Address Labels are just a few essentials to name. All of these are additional costs. So, remember to calculate these in when comparing prices. Most invitation makers will require you to shoot them an email with everything you’re looking to purchase and then they’ll give you a specific quote.
        • My advice: it’s worth it to purchase it all. It may be enticing to address the envelopes yourself, because “how hard can it be?”. But that takes serious time and skill, one most brides aprox. 2 1/2 months out to their wedding don’t have 🙂
  3. Gifts
    • Gifts for your groom, gifts for your bridesmaids, gifts for your wedding planner….the list goes on.
      • While this is totally at your own discretion, I recommend purchasing your gifts way in advance. As the wedding approaches, you’re may feel like your Starbucks latte is breaking the bank. All of the remaining balances are due and you may feel apprehensive to purchase anyone any gifts. So do this casually as you go amongst your wedding planning. And remember, these are thoughtful gifts that don’t necessarily need to be pricey.
      • And go ahead and count in there the gifts for groomsmen as well-we know the groom is not going to remember this on his own 😉
  4. Tips
    • The first time I read about wedding tipping I literally gasped out loud. You’re paying a wonderfully large amount (for a trufthfully, wonderful service!) and I am still expected to tip on top of that? Woah. While this is again at your own discretion, there are some professionals that will be involved in your wedding day that it may be suitable to do so. Here is a wedding tipping cheat sheet that does a good job of easily breaking it down. However, I totally think this a choice and not a requirement. Just good to know. And hey, if someone really did blow your mind and exceed expectations, why not show them some extra love? I just think this can also be done with a sweet and thoughtful gift. Tip: if a professional is an employee of a vendor and not the actual business owner-this is an instance where tipping is suggested.
  5. Other
    • Most professional wedding planners will advise you to set aside (or prepare for use of) 10% of your overall cost to over unexpected costs that may arise.

 That’s it for now! If I personally come across any other unexpected costs, I’ll be sure to update this list.

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