Here’s How to Be the Best Hostess

If you’re someone who loves to have guests over at your home and host your buds, this one’s for you. My husband and I personally love to have guests over our place. While I can share with you a plethora of ideas that will knock the socks off your guests, most of those take a whole lotta time and cha-ching. And that’s fun sometimes, to spoil your guests and throw an intimate yet detailed gathering at your home. But not everyone has the time and dough to do that on a regular basis. And to be honest, it’s the small things that go a long way with your guests-especially if they’re your friends.

So today I’m sharing my tips to be the any weekend, any friend type of host that is always prepared to welcome and comfort their guests in the best way possible. Which yes, includes a hug. But that’s a given.

In my opinion, being a hostess with the mostess is in the small gestures and thoughtfulness that work to make sure you’re always ready to warmly host your buddies at any given time.

Here’s How to Be the Best Hostess

Stock your pantry. Have a small portion of your pantry and/or fridge dedicated to small bites and snacks perfect to offer your guests. This could be anything from chips and dip or herb crackers, to a few different cheeses or an assortment of fruit. Yes, some of these are perishable. However, the good thing is if they don’t make it into your friend’s bellies, there’s always yours 😉 Here are few easy and bit more impressive snack ideas:

Drinks. Most people think you need to have every liquor and wine under the sun to be the best host, as you never know what you’re guest will be in the mood for. While that may fun, not everyone has the room in their kitchen/home to stock a full bar. Instead, stick to these few tips:

  • Choose a drink of the evening. Moscow Mules, Margaritas, Sangria. These are all ideas that require only a few ingredients and are commonly loved cocktails by most. In the case one of your guests doesn’t enjoy that particular liquor, always have at least one bottle of white wine and one bottle of red wine to offer.

Here is my breakdown of what you would need to make any of the drinks above. See how simple it is to have this on hand:

Here's How to Be the Best Hostess

image source: pinterest

Moscow Mule: Pack of Ginger Beer, Mint, Vodka, Tonic Water or Club Soda or Sprite. Extra: have on deck a set of copper mules to make the drink that more special.

Margarita: Tequila, Limes, Lime Juice, Agave Nectar or Simple Syrup or Triple Sec. Extra: Pick up a flavored simple syrup or fruit nectar to add additional flavor to the margs.

Sangria: 1 large bottle of white table wine or moscato, 2 juices or nectars of your favorite fruits, Club Soda or Sprite. Extra: actual fruit slices to mix into pitcher or garish drink with.

A bar cart. They really aren’t just for pretty display (although they do look so pretty all decorated!). A bar cart can act as a centerpiece for guests to serve themselves whatever you have on deck and grab whatever accessories like straws, napkins etc. they may need. Here are some necessities to include on your bar cart for your guests:

Bottle stoppers. I love a fun bottle stopper, give your bottle some personality!

Cocktail napkins are just as cute as they are functional. They serves great as coasters for your guests drinks too!

Beer bottle opener. Again, there are so many fun variations!

It’s always nice to offer a glass for your guest’s beer. It’s even cooler when you have the particular glass to match a specific style of beer!

Paper straws immediately elevate the look of any cocktail. Go for metallic or neutral so that they’re perfect for any gathering. Or go for the Flamingo straws because YOLO.

Here's How to Be the Best Hostess

 –Mixers. This is another great way to be able to make a handful drinks at any given time for your guests. I do prefer to create cocktails from scratch with fresh and natural ingredients. However, there are some mixers out there that taste authentic and are comprised of natural ingredients. Here are few of those:

Now let’s move away from the food and drink category and on to a few other tips.

Blankets. Especially for the ladies, when you’re sitting around chatting and sipping a drink, there is nothing more warm and cozy than being wrapped in a blanket. It will make your guests feel right at home. Have a few ready to offer. The cozier, the better!

Games. There are a ton of great options out there for every type of gathering. Games always bring laughter and conversation, and that makes for a great hangout!

Music. I always have a great playlist on whenever I have guests over. I listen to music myself all day long, so when I have guests come over I find either a Spotify playlist that will work, or play one of my own. You can find the one I play the most here. It’s a mixture of all types of music.

And that wraps it up folks! Hope you were able to gather some inspiration and ideas on how to be a hostess with the mostess. As always, let me know your thoughts and questions.

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