Here are the 5 reasons why I put down my phone

Some use their phones only for leisurely reasons. Others rely on their phones for a good amount of their job workload. And for the rest of us (myself included) our phones are literally our livelihood.

The more success and growth I receive, the more I seem to be intertwined with my phone…wondering where my hand stops and my phone begins. I’m sure those of you in the same or similar field as me feel that there is no doubt if it wasn’t for our consistency and strive for constant engagement on numerous fronts (which means constant engagement on our phone), we wouldn’t be growing and moving forward at all. But today I’m sharing with you how I’m over my excuse that “it’s my job”, even if it is. And whether you find yourself in exactly the same position, or one similar…

Here are the 5 reasons why I put down my phone


Wait, adults can have hobbies? I know. It really does seem like an impossible feat with the busy lives we lead, but my goodness is it fun. In fact, it’s crazy the sense of accomplishment that can come from working on a hobby too. Throughout my entire life I have always had a handful hobbies floating around, but lately its slimmed down to just a couple. And that’s fine. I’m busier than ever and also trying to be as clutter-free as possible. One of my latest hobbies has been cooking. I love the feeling of a completed home-cooked meal sitting pretty and smelling deliciously. I’m actually taking up knitting soon too. (waiting for my beginners kit to come, yay!) I’m especially excited for this one, as it’s a hobby I can to laying on my couch 😉


The other day, Nathan (my hubs) took my laptop charger to work with him, accidentally. By the time I realized this, it was traffic hour and the drive would have taken me easily 2 hours to get there and back to pick it up. So I looked at the 20% left of battery life, tried not to scream and rode it out until my laptop died. What did I do after? Put down my phone and went to the gym. I can’t even explain to you the feeling of “get it girl” I felt. I ended up being so happy Nathan took my laptop charger that day, it made me realize that even on the days I do have my charger and all of the necessities to keep working for hours-I am in control. I can decide when to put both my phone and laptop down and take a breather to get some exercise in or just do something for myself and my health.

Take in my surroundings

A delicious warm breeze. A completely, clear blue sky. The adorable elderly couple walking together hand-in-hand down the sidewalk. These are things I miss when my nose is in my phone. Every time I make the effort to be present, I can’t tell you the wonderful breathe of fresh air I enjoy as I absorb my surroundings. This is particularly lovely to do all on your own, sitting at a cafe for instance. Keep your phone in your purse, sip your latte and take in the beauty in your environment.

Politics and Public Affairs

My entire life I’ve shied away from being vocal about politics. This was never because I didn’t care. I just never thought I had the right to voice my opinion on political subjects I didn’t know every. single. detail. about. Within the last couple of years of my life, and most likely because of the spark of controversy surrounding us, I realized that wasn’t a good enough answer anymore. I felt myself yearning to know more about the things that would make me angry or cry or happy when I turned on the news or read news clips online. So, what am I doing about it? Putting down my phone.

I can’t tell you how many times I have come across a photo on Instagram, or a news headline shared on Facebook that moves me and I decide right then to put down my phone and research the topic on my laptop. If I feel passionate about something, I want to be able to do my very best in finding out the facts and “both sides” of the topic. This empowers me to feel confident in talking about important issues and where I stand, even if I still don’t know every single detail. I’m putting in the effort to learn and increase my awareness, so that I can have an open dialogue and in return, learn from those I speak to around me. Which brings me to my next reason.


We’ve all heard about this reason to put down our phones, but it’s important enough to mention again. I believe a great way to ensure you’re enjoying meaningful conversation with your partner, spouse or roomie-is to choose a time of the day when your phone is put away. For my husband and I, this is the moment he gets home from work. More times than not, I’m still working-which means I’m on my laptop and my phone. But I close my laptop and put down my phone during this time, as I find it to be one of the best times to talk. We’re each fresh from our days’ events, ready to talk about what happened and how we feel our day went. Other nights, we promise each other to put away our phones as we watch our nightly episode (or two) of whatever Netflix show we’re binging at the moment.

Now that I’ve touched upon the 5 reasons why I put down my phone. I also want to mention how I think it’s wonderful to use the content we come across on our phones for conversation. I may be a little biased, since I’m in the business of content creation, but I believe most would agree lighthearted and inspiring digital content sparks so much great and fun conversation. A lot of my talks with friends, my mom, my husband etc. revolve around content we show each other on our phones. Squealing about an adorable photo of a dog with my best friend, showing my mom a picture of home decor that inspires us to redecorate or talking to my husband about an Instagram travel account that ignites wanderlust in us both.

While we are in control of when we decide to engage and become more present, I believe we should always allow ourselves to be inspired by the digital content we come across too. Sharing positive messages, beautiful imagery or a picture of garlic-truffle fries because you and your bestie have been craving them for-like-everrrrrrr.



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