Fun Options for a Valentine’s Day Date Night In

The hubby and I have spent 10 Valentine’s Days together, celebrating the day in countless ways. Thinking back on them, I remember each was so special, even if we did nothing out of the ordinary. Nathan and I started dating in high school, with little to no money to actually spend on each other. We actually used birthday and allowance money to buy any gifts for each other, but most times we liked silly and inexpensive gifts anyways.

Fast-foward 10 years and we still love to hang back and chill on Valentine’s Day. There are so many fun, romantic and even inexpensive ways to celebrate the day in the comfort of your home. If you’re like Nathan and I, check them out below!

Fun Options for a Valentine’s Day Date Night In

  1. Spend the night on the living room floor.  Set up the air mattress or lay out a comforter. Have a fireplace? Roast some marshmallows and make s’mores. Or have a home-cooked or take-out picnic on the floor. (Nathan and I used to do this all of the time in our early years of dating).
  2. Want the fancy restaurant mood, without the crowd or price-tag? Bring out the candles, flowers and romantic music. Maybe multiple-courses, via take-out from your favorite restaurant or at-home fondue. Try to recreate that romantic atmosphere at your own dining table.
  3. Make dinner together.  Choose the menu and get the ingredients ahead of time, so you can have fun cooking and eating together that evening.
  4. Have a rom-com movie marathon. Maybe include one that leans more on the comedy side, for your beau 😉 Laughing together is romantic too!
  5. Turn your living room into a ballroom.  Move the furniture out of the way and turn on your favorite music. Even if it’s not lovey-dovey music, whatever music is your music. It’s the dancing and goofing off that will be fun and romantic. (Nathan and I do this all the time. So fun!)
  6. Celebrate your wedding day memories. Look through your wedding albums or watch your wedding video. Is there anything more romantic than reliving the most romantic day of your lives?
  7. Choose your drink of choice whether it’s wine, hot cocoa or tea and sit on your balcony or porch together. There’s nothing like breathing in fresh air, under a night sky and taking in the peacefulness with your love.
  8. Go back and read your journals, letters and notes from when you were dating or the early years of your relationship. (Nathan and I love doing this too! Since we dated for so long, we’re always finding old love notes and cards we wrote to each other. Sometimes with silly sketches in them. I cry every.single.time.)
  9. Have a champagne and pizza or junk food of your choice night. A little high-low mixing for your palette is fun and delicious!
  10. Read a bit of Song of Solomon together. A beautifully romantic book of the Bible.
  11. Write your lifelong bucket list together, include places you’re dreaming of visiting and goals you want to achieve together.
  12. Create a blueprint of your dream house. You don’t have to be an architect, an amateur sketch will do 😉
  13. Write a gratitude list together.  Make a list of everything you are thankful for as a couple.
  14. Have dinner on your roof, should you #1 have a roof and #2 a roof that’s not too steep.
  15. Have the ultimate Netflix and Chill night. Netflix Originals are gold right now. Below are the new releases from February 1- February 14, perfect timing for Valentine’s Day.

Feb. 3:

Daniel Sosa: Sosafado — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Imperial Dreams — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Santa Clarita Diet — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Feb. 7:

Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

David Brent: Life on the Road — NETFLIX ORIGINAl

Stronger Than the World — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Feb. 14:

Girlfriend’s Day — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Katherine Ryan: In Trouble — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Project MC2: Part 4 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL


That wraps up my fun options for a Valentine’s Day date night in. Any of these sound tempting?

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  1. 2.7.17

    Loving every one of your options. Perfect for this upcoming Tuesday!


    • 2.8.17
      Camille of Join Me in Miami said:

      Thanks so much Liv!


  2. 2.8.17
    Abril said:

    Those are really great ideas . We hate the crowded place and expensive price tags on Valentine’s so we always stay home and then we go for breakfast to johnny rocket !

    • 2.8.17
      Camille of Join Me in Miami said:

      Oh how fun! Yea, we’re not a fan of the crowds either. You end of spending more time waiting around or bustling through them than spending quality time together 🙂