How to Get Over That Midweek Hump

Most weeks usually fly by for me and I usually don’t know what day it is until it’s Thursday and I realize the week is almost over. However, I think we all have those weeks where they just drag on. For this exact reason I’ve tried to make the middle of those weeks, which would be Wednesday, a day to switch things up.

How to Get Over That Midweek Hump

  1. Wake up 30 minutes to an hour earlier-wait what? How does this make the day go by faster?! Well, it doesn’t. But give yourself something special Wednesday mornings. Maybe it’s an indulging breakfast, or a trip to Starbucks to grab a White Chocolate Mocha (my personal favorite!). Make Wednesdays special with just a little change that you’ll actually look forward to in the morning.
  2. When you get home from work, grab whatever hobby you’re into and dedicate some relaxing time to it. The whole point of hobbies is to make us happy and feel good, so if you make sure you’re dedicating a little time to it on Wednesdays, then every Wednesdays you’re directly giving yourself more “you” time and relaxing time.
  3. Make Wednesdays your yummy take-out night. I love cooking and having a home-cooked meal for my hubs and I. But if you tell me Wednesday are our sushi takeout night, I promise I will be thinking about that all day long-excited for dinner! And of course, excited to not have to spend 30 minutes making dinner. (Which means I can use that time for #2 in this list!)
  4. Spend your lunch-hour outside. Maybe this is something you do everyday already, but in the case that it isn’t and you’re like me and end up most days eating lunch alongside working, then this little change on Wednesdays will liven up the day and give you a mid-week a breath of fresh air.
  5. Wednesday = new movie night! Whether you live alone, with a roomie, bf/gf or your spouse-making Wednesday nights your weekly night to watch the newest movie release is fun. My husband and I love movies, him even more so. So, it’s fun to talk about every week which new movie we’re going to watch and research what’s coming out, what has great reviews etc. Plus, we always make sure and have yummy movie theater snacks that just add to the fun!

Which ways do you make your mid-week more special and fun?

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  1. 2.8.17
    Abril said:

    Great tips . I think this is something I should do on tuesday that is the hardest day for me !
    The color palette

  2. 2.8.17

    Really like your tips and have to try them out!!