Here are the Simple Ways I Unwind and Relax

Isn’t it crazy that we sometimes have to make it a point and somewhat force ourselves to relax? While it can be a testament to our handwork, drive and go-getter spirit-there is no doubt we sometimes need to take chill pill.

Here are the Simple Ways I Unwind and Relax

First, let’s talk about 5 important reasons to set aside time to relax. Huffington Post shared an article earlier this year that stated the health benefits of relaxation, including: lowers your risk of catching a cold, boosts your memory, keeps your moods happier, helps keep your skin clear and helps you make better decisions.

Enough said, right?

The simple ways I unwind and relax are subjective do that specific day and my specific schedule of tasks. However, the more I make the time to relax, the easier I find it to allot time during the week to give myself a breather.

1. Read. When I mention to some people that I read to relax myself, they shrug it off telling me they don’t have time for that or that “I read all day at work, how is it going to relax me to read some more?”. If that’s your answer, than I honestly believe you haven’t found your genre of reading. It sometimes takes time to figure out what type of books spark interest and keep your attention. However, once you find it, reading is such a lovely way to escape the fast routine and take your mind off everything except the story in front of you. What if reading puts you to sleep? Well, by all means go buy a book. Then you’ll guarantee yourself a nap 😉

2. Meditate. This is something I struggle with, as this is the ultimate test of patience and relaxation, but I’m trying more and more to incorporate this at 1-2 times into my weekly routine and hopefully be able to make it a daily occurrence within time. (Baby steps right?) To me, mediation can be a complete mental escape, visualizing goals or spending time reflecting in your faith. Whatever you feel at the moment is right to dive into. Researchers have demonstrated that mindfulness practices can rewire the brain’s reactions to external stimuli—boosting the areas of the brain responsible for learning and memoryrational thinking, and empathy and compassion. So why not add this to our 2017 resolutions?

3. Play with my pets. I think it’s an obvious statement to say that playing with our pets makes us instantly happier. Am I right?! In fact, science has proven that simply owning a dog makes you a happier person. Regardless of which kind of animal your pet is, there is nothing like taking time out of your day to show them some love and fun-which directly showers yourself in the same. My hubs and I make it a point every weekend to try and spend at least an entire morning/afternoon/evening at home so we can lounge all-together with our two pups. This alone has made our weekends so much more relaxing.

4. Make myself a drink. This could be a cocktail, mocktail or smoothie. I’ve found that when I take it slow in the kitchen, mixing ingredients and creating a delicious something to enjoy, I’ve made myself do nothing but one thing for at least 15 minutes. And I’m doing something for myself-making a little something I’m going to enjoy. (Yay, me-time!) Not to mention whether it’s an afternoon cocktail or mid-day smoothie, giving myself time to sit back and enjoy the drink lets me relax too.

5. Whatever my weekend is, I try to stick to it. Whether your weekend is the typical Saturday and Sunday, or whether it’s other days of the week, whenever your off days are-treat them as such. They are your days off. This can be such a struggle for me as my work centers on being constantly logged in and engaged. But thanks to being organized and sticking as closely to a schedule as possible, I’m able to unplug during the weekend as much as I can and it’s not only been relaxing, but re-energizing too!

Hope some of my tips on the simple ways I unwind and relax will help you a bit. I have personally seen the benefits of making time to take a break. And unfortunately, I’ve also dealt with the negative effects of stress as well. So I can literally feel the importance of relaxing and the way it helps me physically, mentally and emotionally.

What are the ways you unwind and relax?

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