Six Months of Marriage

Time flies when you’re having fun. Happy six months to my best friend and the most wonderful human I know.

I don’t share much personal content on here about my relationship, marriage, or even about my wedding. I’ll talk about that a little briefly in a bit and then dedicate an entire post to it soon, as I think it’s time to share with you all ♥ However, today I wanted to not only open my heart about the complete fullness, happiness and delicious warmth my newly-wed husband brings me everyday-but also a little bit about marriage these first six months.

I’ll start with this, it only gets better. While life does tend to get more complicated with each passing day and tough decisions seem to be at your door step, that’s just life-not marriage. Marriage to me is what my relationship with Nathan has always been, my home. To us, marriage has continued to feel what being together almost 10 years has felt like…like a warm, tight hug around us both.

The question I receive the most is “So, how do you feel now that you’re married? Does it feel different for you two?”. My answer is always, “no, not really.” I know, not that emotional and most people laugh when I say it. Here are a few reasons why that’s my answer. Firstly, Nathan and I have been together almost 10 years. We have received one my most grateful blessings of being able to experience so many of life’s most important, trying, fun and developmental times together. We grew together, by growing up on our own-throughout our teen years, college years, the “what am I going to do with my life” years, beginning our careers etc. We were figuring out life, together-from the very beginning. (and still are trying to figure it out). However, I’d say that although 10 years together is a big reason why it feels as though not much as changed, the biggest reason is because no later than month 3 in our relationship, evens as teenagers, we just knew we would be together forever. It wasn’t even like the word marriage was ever talked about, instead it was this feeling of completeness and certainty that our future would always include each other. So to sum it up, marriage has felt like the commitment we’ve already been promising to each other for 10 years.

The one thing that has changed? Honor. When we have had conversations about if we have felt any difference since being married, especially in the weeks right after our wedding, the only thing we could think of was both of us feeling this new rush of honor. We both feel so honored to be a wife and husband to each other. And while his happiness has been my happiness for as long as I can remember, I will say there is something that feels a little new as a wife in wanting to make him feel happy, full of joy and full of laughter everyday.

That has been our first six months of marriage. Now to share briefly why I don’t share too much on my relationship, wedding, back when I was engaged etc. While I’ll go more in depth in later post (I promise!), here is the gist of it: the more special something is to me, the tighter and closer I hold it to my heart and relish in it’s experience. We are given the choice to let in whoever we choose, how ever little or how ever many, into our lives and life’s moments. To me, this includes the most special relationship of all, that which I have with my now husband. Each step of the way, every moment was too precious to share right away with the world-or maybe to share at all. They were our moments. I’ll end with that, for now.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, as I know it’s a different kind of post than usual. As promised, I will be sharing more on my wedding journey, answering questions I’ve been asked, giving advice/tips etc. And in the next post of this sort, I’ll tell you why I’ve waited so long to do so.

xx Krista

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