My Top Ten Travel Essentials

I’ve traveled near and far. From just an hour drive away to literally across the world. And although the destination and time of the year I’m traveling plays a role in what a pack, there are always some consistent travel essentials I always bring with me. Today I’m sharing my top ten travel essentials!

  1. I take this balm with me everywhere, especially when I travel. I have it in a few different shades, but the translucent is a must-have for travel since you can wear it under/over your favorite lipsticks. My favorite aspects about it is the fact that it’s SPF 15. Our lips are a place we commonly forget to protect from the sun, so using this makes it easy. Plus, it makes your lips feel so soft!
  2. We all know that washing our hair on trips comes with it’s annoyances. I know I want to get the most out of all my trips, so I don’t always have the time to wash my hair, wait for it to dry (which is often essential when visiting cooler places so you don’t catch a cold!) and style it. So dry shampoo is so important. I have tried probably close to 25 different dry shampoos searching for the perfect one and this one has beat all the others so far. Firstly, it smells delicious. Secondly, after a small amount of patting/rubbing it in the white fades away so easily and there is no residue left making me wonder if I look like my roots are grey. I usually have to rub for an extended amount of time to ensure all of the powder is completely dissolved with most dry shampoos-with this dry shampoo I don’t. It’s also available in a carry-on size too!
  3. You all know how I feel about vegan and all-natural skincare and beauty products, they make up the majority of my daily product routine and I’m a huge advocate for them, especially as someone with very sensitive skin. So although I just started using these natural deodorant wipes, I’m sold already. I’m also really picky with the deodorant I use and don’t use antiperspirants or any that contain iron in them. You can actually use these deodorant wipes in place of regular deodorant. However, I use them to freshen up while traveling and I love them!
  4. I actually use sleep masks a few times a week, for when I’m looking for a real deep sleep. Sleeps masks are an awesome thing to bring with you when you travel for a few reasons. Firstly, you never know if your hotel room/airbnb is bright and sunny and can wake you up way earlier than you wanted. Secondly, if you’re traveling with others and not everyone is on the same sleep schedule then there may be some lights kept on when you’re already off to bed. Lastly, they are great to use on the airplane too. However, I usually pack a separate pair for the plane rides because I am a major germaphobe and prefer the ones I use in bed at night to be only worn while my face is squeaky clean and not in recirculated airplane air (ew!). These from Pure Silk are amazing and totally worth every penny! 
  5. I have been using these ingrown hair pads for years and love them. These are great to take with you while traveling if you plan on shaving a lot-maybe you’ll be wearing sundress after sundress or lots of bikinis. You use these ingrown hair pads in between shaving and they help to break up dead skin cells and exfoliate your skin to have smoother shaves and less to no razor bumps!
  6. This may be an obvious one, but a “purse” sized perfume is the best way to bring your favorite fragrance with you while traveling. I actually used to use perfume rollers in my favorite perfume, but remember how I said I was a germaphobe? Yea. So I don’t like the idea of rolling something on again and again after my skin has been exposed to all sorts of pollutants. So I now try and find my favorite perfumes in what they call the purse size, which is usually a little over an ounce-making it prefect to keep in your purse during airport travel. I also do this because anytime I bring with me my full-sized bottle of perfume I’m always afraid its going to spill or break, and we all know how expensive those big bottles can be! If you can’t find your own everyday perfume in this “purse” size, I would recommend something light and airy like this philosophy grace perfume. It’s fresh and clean smelling and won’t bother your travel companions when in close proximity-like on the airplane or in a car. 
  7. I remember when I thought I could travel without a jewelry organizer…let’s just say I’ve lost quite a bit of necklaces and bracelets to entanglement and knots I couldn’t never undo. I know there are bigger ones out there, but I find this jewelry travel case to be such a perfect size because it allows for a good amount of jewelry, while remaining sleek and not bulky. Plus, it’s adorable!
  8. If there is a time for selfies to be the most appropriate, it’s on vacation and travel! And sometimes the lighting is either bad or just nonexistent. That why this iPhone selfie light is great. You can just clip it on quickly and snap photo. I know a lot of the times I don’t bring my actual camera with me while out and about during my trips, so anyway to make my iPhone photos even better-I’m in! 
  9. As for a piece of clothing that is essential for traveling anywhere and anytime of the year, a pair of great fitting leggings is a must. I have a handful of leggings, but I recently discovered Zella leggings and I’m never going back. They are affordable and much more luxe than your average pair of leggings. Whether I’m wearing them to and from the airport or for sight-seeing a town, great leggings are comfortable and look sleek too!
  10. Although I love a cute and spacious cross body for traveling, there is nothing like the comfort and practicality of a backpack while on a trip. I love a backpack that is sleek and neutral, so that it doesn’t dress down outfits, but I also need it to be functional and carry enough of my travel necessities. I’ve always loved the Tumi brand, especially for travel needs, and this voyageur backpack meets all of my requirements (cute, chic and lots of compartments).  

I hope this list helps you choose some great picks to take with you on your travels, as I truly recommend and use all of these. Have some exciting travel plans? I would love to hear! Comment below and share where you’re heading 🙂

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