How to Creatively Decorate a Shelf with Decor Accents Under $40

How to Creatively Decorate a Shelf with Decor Accents Under $40Happy Humpday! I’m so excited to dive into some home decor content today as I share with you How to Creatively Decorate a Shelf with Decor Accents Under $40. Because if you can decorate just how you like and not spend a fortune, well that just makes it so much more fun 😉

How to Creatively Decorate a Shelf with Decor Accents Under $40

I’ll start by sharing my simple equation for a happy little shelf. To me this means not really conforming to a specific style, since I believe that’s the funnest way to decorate a home: mixing all sorts of styles that reflect your personality.

First, you’ll want to add some height to your shelf. Depending on how big your shelf is and how many decor accents you want to display will determine how many taller pieces you display. For instance, I like a 1-3 ratio. For every 3 smaller accents, I like to add 1 taller piece.

Tall decor accents for your shelf under $40:

I can’t help but feel every shelf is incomplete without a candle. They serve a dual purpose, both decorative and with the light of a match your room is smelling yummy. I like to either place one larger candle on the shelf or a set of smaller styles.

Decorative candles for your shelf under $40:

Now it’s time for something quirky. Even if you have the simplest of styles and prefer a very minimalist decor approach and a by the books way of decorating, adding just one quirky piece will bring your shelf to life and give it some personality.

Quirky decor accents for your shelf under $40:

Next, it’s time for some luxe appeal. Here is where you add a decorative accent that offers some sparkle or pizazz to your shelf. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to put something on your shelf that looks like a piece of luxury.

Luxe looking decor accents for your shelf for under $40:

Lastly, mix in a few shorter/smaller decorative accents. When it comes to these I like to mix and match. Two of my favorite smaller pieces to add to shelves are cute mugs and decorative match jars.

Small decor accents for your shelf under $40:


And there you have it! A simple, affordable and creative way approach to decorating your shelves.



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