Transitional Fall Outfit

Transitional Fall Outfit

Are you tired of hearing the phrase “transitional style” or “transitional outfit” yet? I know I am. However, it’s just the name of the game and is exactly the type of style to embrace during the first weeks of Fall or really anywhere that still isn’t ready for the knit sweaters and booties. Today I’m sharing this Transitional Fall Outfit and talking about how to use your Summer closet pieces to create looks for Fall.


Transitional Fall Outfit Transitional Fall Outfit Transitional Fall Outfit Transitional Fall Outfit Transitional Fall Outfit Transitional Fall Outfit Top: MakeMeChic Heels: Ninewest Pants: Nordstrom Rack, Similar Purse: Matt & Nat Hat: Free People

Mastering a perfect transitional Fall outfit is all about incorporating your favorite pieces you wore during the Spring/Summer and pairing them with fresh pieces that represent Fall a bit more. I wore this white layered ruffle top a bunch of times during the Summer with shorts and jeans, but I love the way it looks with these green jogger cargo pants. I even stuck with my what was my go-to hat and handbag all Summer. However, instead of sandals I would’ve worn in the Summer, I went with these gorgeous floral block heels that totally embracing Fall floral. Which, by the way, are so comfortable!

So, it’s all about adding those 1-2 items that help ease your otherwise Summer look into a more Fall appropriate outfit. A couple of easy ways to transition your style for Fall is to invest in a few pairs of Fall-inspired shoes like suede flats, low-cut booties, and mule slides. I would also look for a great wool hat. Or a felt hat if you’re looking for something on the cheaper side.

And don’t forget to be creative! See what works for you. For instance, I live in a city where Fall weather doesn’t kick in for another month or so. Which means the knit sweaters and leather jackets will have to wait a bit. So, I work with the pieces already in my closet and find ways to embrace the season without dripping in sweat 😉








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