Real Talk: What Success Means to Me and How to Achieve it

What Success Means to Me and How to Achieve it

Success is subjective. However, I’ve come to believe success is a little formula that goes something like this:

meeting goals + being happy + growing professionally and personally

Sure, a lot more details and factors can be sprinkled in, but that’s the gist of it to me.

Today’s post is dedicated to how I’ve grown professionally, which inadvertently has positively affected me personally, by being a business owner.

What Success Means to Me and How to Achieve it:

  1. Be Yourself. I heard a great quote once that went something like “give people the chance to not like or understand you”. While I’m sure no subjectively successful person will say they gained their success by meaning un-liked or misunderstood by everyone, they may tell you that some people just didn’t “get” them and their perspective. What makes success sweet is when you accomplish your goals while staying true to yourself and being authentic. Especially in a creative field, there are many opportunities for someone to not understand my unique vision or what I bring to the table-but that’s ok. I rather attract one person that is genuinely interested and excited in my work than ten that don’t really get it or believe in it. And at the end of the day, everyone and their handwork deserve to be celebrated.
  2. Be responsive. While this may be a no brainer, with extremely busy schedules and overflowing email inboxes, this can become increasingly difficult. I try my hardest to respond as quickly as I can to emails and almost every time I do I’m met with a grateful reply in not only responding, but responding in a timely manner. The end of the year tends to be one of my busiest times, so I recently adapted a new way to prioritize my mail-which I wish I would’ve done earlier. I use that “flag” feature like a crazy person to separate time-sensitive emails and I’ve starting creating specific folders for my emails.
  3. Be grateful. Yes, I do believe my work is great and worthy. But I also know a brand/company/client chose me which means they’re putting their trust and resources in me. There is never a moment I don’t feel grateful for every project I am a part of. At the end of the day, I love creating great and honest content for deserving brands/company/clients and sharing it with my readers, and I’m so grateful for every opportunity I have to do so.
  4. Believe in yourself and surround yourself with a good support system. Remember when I said that I believe my work is great and worthy? Well, I do. But this doesn’t mean I don’t have days where I feel like I’m not moving fast enough or in the direction planned etc. I wouldn’t say I doubt myself, instead on these days it feels more like overwhelming frustration. Although it’s needed all of the time, it’s during these specific times that a good support system is especially important. I don’t know what I would do without the incredible support of my husband. From his belief in my potential to the very early morning wake-up calls to go shoot on his mornings off, he’s one amazing husband and best friend. My close family and friends believe in me and are proud of me too, and that means the world to me, considering a lot of people don’t get this whole blogging world. My support system, specifically my husband, is what reassures me to keep chugging along on those frustrating days.
  5. Listen and ask questions. It never fails, every time I take time to listen to people in either my industry or my audience or even my husband and friends, I learn something invaluable. I’m a true believer in never being smart enough and I love learning. What I’ve realized the past couple of years is that learning can be as simple as listening and/or asking questions. Everyone in my life has a unique perspective and I love picking their brains or just listening to their thoughts or opinions on different matters. I even ask questions about my industry and what they think about particular aspects or their point of view on ways bloggers present content. I’ve learned SO much by doing this.
  6. Invest in yourself and business. This has probably been the most difficult one for me. Besides throwing away money for my $5 lattes, I actually don’t really like spending money on myself. This is usually because the type of investment purchases for my business are expensive and make me sweat. However, I’ll tell you this. Each time I invest in my business, I see rewards and benefit from it. It’s scary to put hundreds or thousands of dollars into something, but as long as you’re working hard alongside those smart investments, you should flourish and grow.

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