Amelia Island Road Trip: What to Do and See in my #ToyotaRAV4

Amelia Island Road Trip: What to Do and See

Beautiful beaches, peaceful scenery and historic charm. Amelia Island is a wonderful choice for a weekend getaway. I’m so excited to share my road trip in my Toyota RAV4 with you today. The road trip was almost six hours long, so a comfortable ride was a necessity. I was so happy to sit back, put on tunes and cruise in this cute blue ride! Amelia Island Road Trip: What to Do and SeeAmelia Island Road Trip: What to Do and See

Amelia Island is a lovely island part of the Sea Islands chain of barrier islands on the Coast of Florida. The island has a unique and rich history of Spanish, French, British and American people. At almost every corner you turn, there is something beautifully historic and that carries such an interesting story.

One of my favorite aspects of Amelia Island is that you can drive on the beaches. I mean, how fun is that?! And you can only do this with all wheel drive, because of the beaches’ fine sand. Luckily, the Toyota RAV4 I drove had all wheel drive and a sport mode that gives you a faster/stronger acceleration. It was such a cool experience to drive alongside the ocean.
Amelia Road Trip: What to Do and See

Look at how beautiful the beaches are. There is something so serene about the beaches on Amelia Island. I’ve been to countless beaches around the world, not to mention that I live in Miami, but the Amelia Island beaches are unlike any other beach I’ve visited. Truly unique.Amelia Road Trip: What to Do and SeeNow onto the Fernandina Historic District. This is the most charming little town. Not only are the buildings pretty to look at, there is so much history here. This downtown area is right on the bay and has the cutest little harbor too, right across a vintage train track. The island has a handful of some of the best antiques shops I’ve ever visited.Amelia Island Road Trip: What to Do and See Amelia Island Road Trip: What to Do and See

I mean, how beautiful is this historic plantation style house? Family descendants have occupied the house since the late 1800’s and still do to this day. Although we strolled around this historic district on foot because the area is so tightly nestled, we hopped back into the RAV4 to explore the neighboring houses to indulge in their historic beauty. They just don’t make houses like these anymore.Amelia Road Trip: What to Do and SeeAmelia Island Road Trip: What to Do and See

Can we talk about this fun color? I don’t want to say that I color coordinated my outfits with my RAV4…but I totally did. I just love this color. It’s called “Electric Storm Blue.”Amelia Island Road Trip: What to Do and See

Ok I have to mention one of my favorite features about the Toyota RAV4. The trunk is SO spacious. Even though my trip was only a few days, I am a habitual over packer. So small trunks are my worst enemy. The Toyota RAV4 has an impressive amount of trunk space for being a crossover SUV. I was able to fit all of my bags and luggage comfortably. Yay! And should I have needed even more space, the RAV4 has 60/40 split rear seats.

Also, the automatic lift gate makes life so much easier. Just about every time I went to place things into the trunk, my hands were full. So having the trunk door open all on its own was awesome and convenient. Plus, I can’t tell you how many times I have placed something on the ground so that I can open the trunk and forget all about it and run over it. 🙈 The automatic lift gate allows me to put whatever is in my hands right into the trunk. It’s fool-proof for this forgetful girl!
Amelia Road Trip: What to Do and See

That wraps up the recap of my Amelia Island road trip! I hope I have inspired you to give the charming island a visit and to check out the Toyota RAV4. My road trip wouldn’t have been the same without my electric blue ride!

This post is in partnership with Toyota. All opinions and statements are my own.

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