Real Talk Friday: The 5 Easy Ways I Elevate My Happiness

The 5 Easy Ways I Elevate My Happiness

1. Keep your priorities your priorities and don’t budge.

Someone doesn’t understand why you choose to do A before you can do B? Don’t worry about it. Whether it’s something personal or professional, very important or minor, stay true to your priorities. For me personally, my biggest priority is my marriage. We both have such busy schedules, especially my husband, and sometimes only have 1 day a week to really spend quality time with each other. This means, come that 1 day a week, if we think we need to refuel our tank with each other’s company, than that comes before anything and anyone else.

2. Find one thing to do each morning that helps you start your day.

This is kind of like having a little morning ritual. Even if it is short and minor, there is something about keeping with doing at least one thing the same each morning that helps me feel organized and structured in getting the day started. For me, it’s as simple as my coffee time. Everyday I wake up and have to take the dogs out first. Once that’s over with, they get all snuggly again and I head over to my Nespresso and make myself a yummy latte. It takes about 5-7 minutes and then I actually sit down and drink at least half of the cup before I start work. It’s a little thing that helps reboot my mind while actually taking it slow in the morning.

3. Do one thing for yourself every week.

Seems simple enough, but with the way most of us live our lives (busy and always on the go) it can also seem far-fetch. My weekly treat is a delicious bath, accompanied by a glass of wine and classical tunes. That’s what it’s been for several months. But sometimes it’s ordering that over-priced, $18 sushi roll I’ve been craving or spending a few hours relaxing by the pool. Just small things that make us happy and that we all deserve.

4. Stop over-explaining yourself and feeling guilty.

Yes, some people in your life do deserve an explanation about the choices you make, whether they are big or minuscule decisions. I generally think these are a handful of people and no more than that. However, the second you feel yourself beginning to over-explain your feelings and thoughts in a way that may even feel like you are defending your choices, stop. Even if you are explaining to this said handful of important people. And don’t feel guilty if someone doesn’t understand the way you chose to live your life as you see best-which usually means the way you feel is the happiest, healthiest and smartest. Shall I quote Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”?

5. Be grateful and talk about it.

This could be the key to it all. I’m a big believer that our blessings always outweigh our trials. Each time I take a moment from working, watching tv or anything I’m doing and just look at my husband (or call him, if he’s not with me) and start a conversation about our blessings we are immediately filled with so much happiness that neither one of us can stop smiling-no matter how stressed we might have been about something. This is how I believe we can take being grateful up a notch. Call someone, text someone, talk to someone about each other’s blessings and what you both are grateful for. A conversation about the good and beautiful things your life and hearing the same from someone else that you love will keep you filled with thanks and fueled with happiness for days.



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