5 Simple Ways to Give Your Home a Seasonal Refresh

5 Simple Ways to Give Your Home a Seasonal Refresh

While I don’t have a ton of space in my home and have to be smart with purchases while living in a small space, I just love getting creative and embracing every new season by switching things up in my decor.

5 Simple Ways to Give Your Home a Seasonal Refresh

  1. Vases. I definitely have a small addiction to vases and dedicate an entire area of my storage to them. They are just such a great way to refresh your home decor, whether it’s a milk glass vase or patterned pitcher, just add your favorite seasonal flowers!
  2.  Pillows. An easy way to update a large room in your home, like a living room, is by switching out your pillows. Not only look for different colors that match the season, but also different textures and materials too. Maybe that’s going from fuzzy and white pillows, to simpler pillows that add a pop of color to your couch.
  3. Reorganize your bar cart. If you keep your wine bottles on your bar cart, move the rosé and white wine to the front or the top tier for Spring and Summer. Also, try looking for some colorful cocktail napkins or cocktail accessories, like swizzle sticks, and place those front and center too.
  4. Blankets. Most of us search high and low for the perfect comforter and because of that aren’t really willing to switch it out come every new season. However, adding a blanket to either the end of your bed or tossed effortlessly across your bed can give your bedroom a refreshed feel.
  5. Candles. While I have my favorite go-to scents, I do love to add in a lavender or coconut scent to the mix come Spring and Summer. Scents can immediately make you embrace the season and make your space feel refreshed!


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