My Favorite Amazon Purchases

Are you as obsessed with Amazon as me? If you get amazon packages 3+ times week and often can’t even remember what’s in the packages that arrive, then your answer is yes 😜 And while I usually order some pretty practical things as most people would, I have found some great products that I now love and use regularly that I purchased on a total whim. Today I’m sharing with you my favorite Amazon purchases and YES…they are all available with Amazon Prime Shipping. Duh!

My Favorite Amazon Purchases

My Favorite Amazon Purchases1. Bathtub Caddy Tray 2. Muscle Roller 3. Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears 4. Jojoba Oil 5. Wine Vacuum Preserver 6. Vitamin C Serum 7. Back Posture & Shoulder Brace 8. Air Purifier 9. Tub Drain Protector 10. Ball of Foot Gel Cushions 11. Spot stain Remover 12. TSA Approved Bottles 13. Hair Scalp Brush 14. 12 Set Makeup Brushes

  1. If you love baths, this is an amazing purchase. I love all of the slots and pockets for stuff you usually want with you in the bath and never know where to put or how to hold them. The fact that this bathtub caddy tray has a slot for a wine glass 🙌 I think this would make a great gift too!
  2. This muscle roller is great for two things: muscle soreness and circulation. I love to use it after I get out of the shower and immediately after I put on some lotions on my legs and arms. Espcially when I’m sore, but even when I haven’t worked out. Since this roller helps stimulate circulation its great for those days where you just sat in a chair and worked and good to roll on any area you may naturally accumulate fat or cellulite.
  3. Good kitchen scissors are a necessary and I love that these heavy duty kitchen shears can crack nuts and open beer bottles too. This product has 4.5 stars on amazon and I personally think they do a great job.
  4. I have been using facial oils for almost a year now and I’m never looking back. This Jojoba Oil has been a product I use every single day. It has almost 7.5k 5 star reviews and I can tell you why. It moisturizes even the most dry skin, works well under makeup and helps brighten skin-tone. All for an insanely low price of $14.
  5. I had been looking for something to keep my opened wine bottles fresh for a longer amount of time and I’m so happy I finally came across this wine vacuum preserver. While it doesn’t keep my wine fresh forever, it does allow it to keep a fresher taste (than if I weren’t to use it at all) for about 3 extra days. That’s enough to finish a bottle for this girl. Tell me I’m not alone 😏.
  6. This Vitamin C serum has been a holy grail in my skincare routine. I literally noticed a change within the week of using it. My skin looked brighter and more even and I feel like this specific formula seeps into the skin so quickly. I love it!
  7. One of my most asked about Amazon purchases is this back posture/shoulder brace. While I wish I would remember to use this more often, when I do, it makes the biggest difference. As someone who works at a computer for 14+ hours a day, it helps to have something keep my shoulders back and posture upright. This helps avoid those terrible knots in the back and shoulder pain.
  8. If you have indoor and/or pet allergies this air purifier is a great purchase for you. It purifies and sanitizes any room it’s in and has personally helped me fall asleep faster without having a stuffy nose and helped me sneeze less. Mind you, I do have carpet and sleep with two dogs (that I’m allergic to), so I have particularly bad allergies. However, it works so well I’d recommend it someone who just wants to rid their room’s air of any dust, odors and pollen.
  9. If you’ve ever had to stick your hand down a shower drain to take out a wad of hair and have permanently been damaged from having to see and touch such a disgusting thing, you will love this tub drain protector and hair catcher. Firstly, it will help your drain never get clogged. Secondly, you can decide how often you take it out of your drain and take off the strands that have collected and never have to stick your hand into the unknown and remove the gremlin of hair that has accumulated in the drain.
  10. I know these ball-of-foot gel cushions are legit, because I put them in brand new heels that I wore to a wedding for 5+ hours of dancing and my feet did not go numb. They are great! Plus, I like that they’re clear so they’re inconspicuous.
  11. This is the best spot stain remover I have ever used. From daily mishaps to stubborn stains, this stuff seriously works. I originally purchased it to remove some weird red stains on my light carpet that I had no idea what they were and nothing was working on them. This product worked amazingly to get rid of the stains.
  12. The perfect product for travelers, these leak proof silicone TSA approved bottles are the easiest way to take shampoos, conditioners, lotions, face washes etc. without fearing the TSA and while keeping things organized.
  13. You know those scalp massages you get while at the hair salon? This hair scalp brush gives you one in the shower and is perfect to use while you shampoo as it helps really clean your scalp. The hubby loves this one too!
  14. Last, but certainly least, is my favorite 12 set makeup brushes I’ve ever used to this date that are only…..TEN DOLLARS. Yes. And over 5k reviews and 4.5 stars. I’m used to spending $25 on one brush. Needless to say, high price certainly doesn’t mean best quality when it comes to makeup brushes-take it from someone who has very sensitive skin too!


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