Yellow Maxi Dress and My Little Life Goal

Yellow Maxi Dress and My Little Life Goal

This yellow maxi dress is the first all-yellow piece I’ve added to my wardrobe in years. I’m not sure why, but for the longest time, maybe my whole life, I have never liked yellow. Not in decor, clothing, nada. But for some reason I was drawn to this dress. I thought the color was the perfect choice to be paired with the asymmetrical and ruffle hem.


Yellow Maxi Dress and My Little Life Goal Yellow Maxi Dress and My Little Life GoalYellow Maxi Dress and My Little Life Goal Yellow Maxi Dress and My Little Life Goal Yellow Maxi Dress and My Little Life Goal Yellow Maxi Dress and My Little Life Goal

Dress: ASOS Heels: Steve Madden Clutch: Baublebar Earrings: ASOS

 This dress has so much pretty movement and looks adorable without a belt too. It doesn’t have a cinched waist, so it looks like a drop waist shift dress-really cute! And because I was feeling extra sassy in this dress, I decided to pair it with these bold statement earrings. While any statement earring looks good worn with tied up hair, when you have lots of hair (especially dark hair) many statement earrings manage to get lost when hair is worn down. So the fact that these earrings are mega bold, I was all about wearing them with my hair down and wild.


With the month of May having just started and the middle of the year nearing, I was thinking about a little goal I’ve been wanting to put into place. Because I like to try and keep stress at bay and live as moment to moment as responsibly possible, I tend to keep my professional goals centered on challenging, but “small steps” at a time. However, my most recent goal has to do with my personal life and fulfilling my creative spirit in a different way.

Although I consider myself lucky to work creatively each day and in a field where I put creativity into practice before most other things, I have found myself within the last couple of years wanting my personal and leisure time to offer experiences that are new and different as often as possible.

To me this means traveling as much as possible; which is kind of an obvious suggestion. And because of it’s obviousness and of course the fact that it isn’t always a possibility to hop on a plane to somewhere every time I want to try something new, lately I’ve been trying to feed that want in simpler ways.

Coming back from my recent trip to Asheville (which I’ll be sharing all about next week!), the hubs and I found ourselves doing lots of things that are simply not possible where we live. Which was one of the main reasons we wanted to visit Asheville. However, we found ourselves doing several activities we could definitely enjoy while in our residing town too. I think because we were on “vacation-mode” we let ourselves slow down and enjoy simpler things at a slower pace-and what a difference that makes.

My new little life goal is in between jetting off to discover new places, I want to find new ways to enjoy what I thought was old…what I thought I didn’t have time for…and what I thought wouldn’t interest me enough. Because I really do believe enjoyment has a lot to do with perception.

So, I’ll be trying new and old things with an excited attitude and in a way that will fulfill my creative spirit! I hope you will too 🙂

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  1. 5.16.18
    Liv said:

    Love the pop of colors with your bag and accessories!


    • 5.16.18
      Camille of Join Me in Miami said:

      Thank so much!!

      xx Krista