My Romantic, Adventurous & Foodie Filled Trip to Asheville North Carolina

I’m so excited to share all about my trip, stay and things to do in Asheville, North Carolina. This destination has been at the top of my travel list for almost two years and because I knew there would be so much to do and see in Asheville, I waited until I could spend 6 days in the city to explore everything it has to offer.

Things to do in Asheville, North Carolina: A Romantic, Adventurous and Foodie Filled Trip

Asheville Glamping Dome. Travel Blogger. Things to do in Asheville. Where to stay in Asheville.What drew me the most to Asheville was how wonderfully balanced the city is, catering to the foodie traveler, adventure traveler and romantic traveler. Or if you are a bit of each of those like my hubs and I, Asheville is even more of the perfect getaway destination.

From mountains, hiking and zip-lining to breweries and a buzzing brunch scene, Asheville gives you a 360° view of the beautiful blue mountains, a charming but lively downtown and not-too-far day trips that take you to gorgeous views and fun adventures.



Asheville Glamping Dome. Travel Blogger. Things to do in Asheville. Where to stay in Asheville.Asheville Glamping Dome. Travel Blogger. Things to do in Asheville. Nathan and I love nature and fresh air, especially coming from a big city like Miami, so a destination’s outdoor scene is always really important to us when we travel and at the top of our priority list. I knew Asheville would offer us natural beauty everywhere, but I had been wanting to experience glamping for sometime and I thought it was the perfect place to try it out.

We’re hooked.
Asheville Glamping Dome. Travel Blogger. Where to stay in Asheville. Asheville Glamping Dome. Travel Blogger. Where to stay in Asheville. The moment I found the Domes at Asheville Glamping, I knew we needed to stay there. Waking up to unobstructed sunrises right in front us, without getting out of bed in this airy and bright Dome was pretty magical. Did I mention this glamping site is only 20 minutes from downtown Asheville?Asheville Glamping Dome. Travel Blogger. Where to stay in Asheville. Don’t know which view I like more 😉Dome glamping. Where to stay in a dome. Asheville Glamping. Things to do in Asheville North Carolina At night, the Dome glowed softly thanks to the whimsical hanging lights inside. A forest stretching miles and miles is situated right behind us, in Dome 2. Cool factor: next level.
Dome glamping. Where to stay in a dome. Asheville Glamping. Dome glamping. Where to stay in a dome. Asheville Glamping.Dome glamping. Where to stay in a dome. Asheville Glamping. Travel Blog. The view of the Dome in the morning light. You can see there is a small refrigerator, portable full-length mirror, queen-sized bed (seriously so comfy!) and not pictured is an aqua-colored bistro table with two chairs and a powerful AC/Heat unit to keep you cozy whatever the season.Outdoor shower glamping. Asheville glamping. Travel blog. One of my favorite details from my stay at the Asheville Glamping Dome was the outdoor shower. Once we killed a few wasps (#nature), it was wonderfully relaxing.
North Carolina glamping site. Where to camp in North Carolina.Another was the fire pit that is only steps away from the Dome and in perfect view of the beautiful mountains. Nathan made a fire every night and we sat listening to the birds, wind in the trees and the crackling of the fire. It was just as peaceful as it sounds.

Asheville Glamping Videos

Driving up to the glamping site:

Inside of Dome 2 at sunset:

Some additional details:

There are bugs. I swatted spiders off my legs and other little bugs off the bed a handful of times. This glamping site is very clean, but it is nestled in nature, so you do share a home with bugs too. Also, the Dome is created from what looks like some type of tough clear plastic and it does have a door, but the door does not lock. So if you are an anxious person and need four walls and a locked door, consider that. Dome 2 does have a grill to use, which is great. And the outdoor shower also had hot water and a very clean toilet.Aloft Downtown Asheville. Aloft Asheville room view. Hotel with mountain views.Where did we stay the remainder of our trip? At Aloft in Downtown Asheville. It was the perfect location for walking right out of the hotel and into the downtown scene with food, breweries and cafes in all directions. Above is the view from our hotel room, so pretty! The hotel was clean, the staff friendly and because the hotel is dog-friendly, there were dogs everywhere. That was probably my favorite aspect!



Bar Taco Asheville. Where to eat in Asheville. Best Asheville Restaurants.

Bar Taco:

Located in downtown Asheville and walking distance from Aloft, Bar Taco is a friendly Mexican restaurant with pretty fresco dining and one of my favorite cocktails ever: “hey miss dragonfly” which has sangria + elderflower + libélula joven + lemon + fruit. SO GOOD.

Gan Shan Charlotte St. Where to eat in Asheville. Best Asheville Restaurants.

Gan Shan Station:

Just a 7-10 minute drive from the Asheville Glamping site, this restaurant offered some of the best dumplings I’ve ever had. So good, we ordered a second plate of them. Gan Shan Station also has a decent selection of local beers, which paired nicely with the subtle spice of the dumplings.

Best dessert in Asheville. Sunshines Sammies. Asheville Ice Cream.

Sunshine Sammies (left):

Oh man. Sunshine Sammies has the yummiest ice cream sandwiches. The cookies are baked fresh daily (their scent fills up the entire shop and I just want to bottle that smell up!) and the ice cream is so delicious. We tried the chocolate and chocolate chip cookies and cake batter and vegan coconut ice cream. All amazing.

Tupelo Honey (right):

This place is at the top of all the restaurant lists when it comes to Asheville and for good reason. We enjoyed brunch at Tupelo Honey and it was beyond delicious. We also tried their Tupelo Honey Rye Ale which was so refreshing and yummy.

Biscuit Head. Best breakfast in Asheville. Asheville brunch.

Biscuit Head:

Another foodie-must, Biscuit Head. It was heaven. It gets very busy, but their service is quick. The biscuits are big and delicious and because I couldn’t decide on a gravy flavor, I ordered the gravy sampler. I’m so happy I did, as each gravy tasted so hearty and flavorful-this is the epitome of comfort food. We left the restaurant with the happiest of bellies. And of course I had to try the maple bacon latte, which was as amazing as it sounds.

P.S. We enjoyed this the morning of the day we headed to the Biltmore Estate and that was a great choice as it’s a carb-heavy meal and kept us full for many hours of walking the estate grounds.12 Bones Smokehouse. Best BBQ in Asheville. Asheville BBQ.

12 Bones Smokehouse:

After one of our hiking days, we couldn’t think of anything better to eat than some BBQ. We ordered 12 Bones Smokehouse to-go and ate it at our Aloft hotel. The hotel has mountain views wherever you sit outside, so we hung out and relaxed after our hike while enjoying President Obama’s favorite BBQ in Asheville. The ribs fell off the bone and the side dishes were all delicious.

Honorable mentions:

  • Vortex Donuts, this is nestled amongst the breweries, so it’s a great brewery-hopping snack.
  • Over Easy Café, I ordered a delicious porridge made with fresh berries and coconut milk
  • Double D’s Coffee and Dessert, the Iced Lavender Honey Latte was awesome
  • Liberty House Coffee & Café, the avocado toast was GREAT along with their Lavender Honey Latte
  • High Five Coffee
  • Odd’s Café, yet another place to enjoy a delicious Iced Lavender Honey Latte
  • Asheville Pizza and Brewing Co., a relaxed vibe with good pizza at cheap prices



Craggy Mountain. View from Craggy Mountain. Asheville Hiking.

Craggy Mountain:

This lookout point is at the top of almost every Asheville hiking list, because of it’s easy and short trail and spectacular views. We spent an hour sitting on this ledge, taking in the view and watching the sunset. I would recommend taking a little blanket or wearing a good jacket, since the top of the mountain gets pretty nippy!

Biltmore Estate Asheville. Romantic things to do in Asheville. Biltmore Estate Greenhouse. Biltmore Estate Asheville. Romantic things to do in Asheville. Biltmore Estate Atrium.

Biltmore Estate:

I had been wanting to visit the Biltmore Estate for a few years now and it did not disappoint. At first we were surprised by the $65 entrance fee, but after experiencing the estate and the wine tasting included, we definitely thought the price was worth it. Plus, once you come across the majority of the staff who is 60+ years old and just so darling and knowledgable, it was a pleasure to donate towards the staff and historical estate.

One of the beautiful views from the estate:

Asheville Breweries. Best Asheville Breweries. Asheville Craft Beer.Asheville Breweries. Best Asheville Breweries. Asheville Craft Beer.

Asheville Breweries:

One of the aspects of our Asheville trip we were looking forward to the most were all of the breweries. We are craft beer enthusiasts and when we found out that Asheville was dubbed Beer Capital USA and has the 3rd most Microbreweries per capita it was GAME ON. After grabbing breakfast at Over Easy Cafe, we spent the rest of the day drinking our way through the Asheville brewery scene. We walked to 6 breweries and shared a flight at each. We were not only impressed by the quality, craft and passion behind the beers and breweries, but the flight sizes were really generous too! My favorite breweries were Twin Leaf and Burial. If you are a sour and/or farmhouse style beer enthusiast, Asheville is the brewery hub for you and Wicked Weed Funkatorium is your heaven.

Pisgah National Forest. View from Pisgah National Forest. Asheville Hiking.

Pisgah National Forest:

This was a longer, hour hike with some very steep moments, but the views were definitely work it.

Pisgah Falls. Must see in Asheville. Travel blog.


Pisgah Falls:

We almost missed this beauty, as we decided on our way to catch our flight home to stop by Pisgah Falls. I would recommend visiting this site during the week (less crowded) and bringing a picnic or coffee at the least with you. It’s so peaceful and you can even walk into the water and waterfall if you wanted to.

Asheville Zip-lining:

We forgot our go-pro, but Nathan was able to capture a video of our favorite zip-line of the zip-lining tour at Navitat on his phone. Above is only a snippet of the zip-line. It was much longer and we were going at 66mph!

That wraps up my Asheville trip! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there is so much to do. I do think 6 days, 5 nights was plenty of time to experience enough of the city and fall in love with it. However, Nathan and I can’t wait to go back already. It was truly one of our favorite vacations ever!

Please feel free to comment below or email me with any questions you may have. I’d be happy to help and give any other travel advice 🙂

A few years later and I visited the awesome city of Asheville again! This time with my girlfriends. We experienced some new things that I wanted to add to this post.


Things to do in Asheville North Carolina: A Romantic, Adventurous and Foodie Filled Trip


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  1. 7.2.18
    Emily said:

    I love Asheville! My family are from there and my husband and I got married in the mountains nearby 🙂

    • 7.17.18
      Camille of Join Me in Miami said:

      Oh your wedding must have been beautiful! My hubby and I are know officially in love-we can’t wait to go back!

      xx Krista

  2. 11.25.19
    Harriet said:

    Such beautiful photos! I love visiting Asheville as often as I can

    • 11.25.19
      Camille of Join Me in Miami said:

      It’s such an amazing place, we’ll definitely be back!

      xx Krista