Your Signature Cocktail: How to Make It and Why to Have One

How to find your signature cocktail. Make your own signature cocktail.

Did you think signature cocktails only exist at weddings? Think again! Having a signature cocktail is not only a delicious idea, but it’s a smart and practical hostess move too. It’s one thing to always have some wine and a stocked bar-cart for guests (and yourself too of course), but having a go-to cocktail (aka signature cocktail) that your friends and guests alike know you for, is an easy way to always serve something you have not only perfected, but that you know your guests will love and probably look forward to drinking every time they visit you.


Here is how to find your signature cocktail!

Even if you prefer a simple and classic drink like: a gin and tonic, old fashioned or margarita.-find a way to make it your own and perfect it, so it’s as easy to put together as it is delicious! This can be adding muddled mint, a squeeze of grapefruit or dash of bitters. Any touch that makes it signature to you.

How to find your signature cocktail:

  1. Using your favorite spirit is a good start. Mine is tequila.
  2. Next step is deciding on a signature drink that uses ingredients and mixers that don’t easily expire, that you usually have on hand OR that are only a quick run to the supermarket away. If your signature cocktail includes berries or other types of fruit, keep a frozen bag of them in your freezer. I always keep a bag of frozen mixed berries in my freezer, as muddle berries are a perfect addition to most simple cocktails. i.e. try adding them to a vodka-tonic or classic margarita. So good!
  3. Is there a specific flavor, mixer or liqueur that anytime it’s on a cocktail menu you have to order it? That’s a great choice for your signature cocktail then. My favorite liqueur is elderflower, so St. Germaine is a perfect choice for my signature cocktail. Maybe you love pear flavor or always order any cocktail that has a splash of prosecco as an ingredient-than choose that as the flavor pairing for your spirit base.
  4. Perfect it! It won’t take long before you can make your signature cocktail in minutes and probably without even measuring most ingredients. Which is when the convenience factor of having a signature cocktail comes into play!

How to find your signature cocktail. Make your own signature cocktail.

How to find your signature cocktail continued…

Not that adventurous or creative when it comes to cocktail making? Here are a few of my go-to tips to take a boring cocktail to a signature cocktail in seconds:

  1. Add fancy ice cubes. Freeze mint, berries or really any fruit in an ice cube tray. These ice cubes will not only add some extra flavor once melted down, but they make a cocktail look so pretty!
  2. Add a flavored simple syrup. Whatever your flavor preference is, find it in a simple syrup and add it to simple cocktails. I used to add a blood orange simple syrup to margaritas and old fashioned’s-it was delicious and such an easy move.
  3. Use fresh citrus. Out of convenience, I use bottled 100% lime/lemon juice a lot in my cocktails. However, there is nothing yummier than adding freshly squeezed citrus to a cocktail, whether it’s lemons, limes or grapefruit. Citrus tends to work for every type to liquor too; from vodka to rum, so it’s a great ingredient to have on hand.

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