Cute Pajama Sets and 5 Ways I Keep Myself Motivated While Working

Cute Pajama Sets and 5 Ways I Keep Myself Motivated

It’s Monday. I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays. I love the fresh start feeling they give me, but I’m also no stranger to those Monday blues. To be honest though, most Monday’s I’m super motivated and tend to check off most things on my to-do list. It’s some of the other days in the week I find myself relying on a particular 5 Ways I Keep Myself Motivated. So I’m sharing those simple ways with you today, along with some cute pajama sets, like the set I’m wearing in these photos.

Cute Pajama Sets and 5 Ways I Keep Myself Motivated

Cute Pajama Sets

5 Ways I Keep Myself Motivated

  1. Keep my workspace clean & organized. Since I work from home, this means keeping my entire home clean. I know that may sound crazy, but I find myself not being able to concentrate on my work if there is a mess around me or even in another room, because I keep thinking about it. The same thing goes for if you’re working from a office. I find keeping a clean and organized workspace makes me feel clear-minded and ready to tackle work.
  2. I swap big work goals, for small ones. I have found that when I take my workload and break it into small task-oriented goals to meet, I stay more motivated and positive. This is because I feel more accomplished as I check my met goals off my list and that tends to have a ripple effect in my work flow.
  3. Listen to music. However, not my favorite artists. Instead, I’ve found listening to concentration playlists, which are easy to find on Spotify, help me not only concentrate, but they keep my mood positive too. I just love music in general, so having it play in the background automatically puts me in a good mood!
  4. Give myself breaks. This one is hard. Especially when there is lots of work looming over my head. But I’ve found that doing this really helps my focus when I’m working. It also gives a rhythm to my work flow, which helps keep me motivated and positive-even those days when work feels endless. A little hack for this, keep yourself hydrated and drink a lot of water. This will mean you have to get up and go to the bathroom more often and even those few minutes away from your desk means you stood up, walked a bit and took your eyes away from your screen/paperwork. It really does help! Plus, it’s healthy 😉
  5.  Snack. I’m not consistent with this one-it’s something I’m trying to get better at, because every day that I snack while working (they can obviously be healthy options!) I find myself staying more energized and focus. I personally love seasoned nuts (I’m obsessed with siracha cashews!) Mary’s Crackers (they’re gluten-free, non GMO herb crackers) and of course fruit. When I’m hungry, I’m not happy and I’m not focused. And sometimes I’m hungry, but not ready to take a lunch break, so having snacks with me at my workspace has helped me a lot!

As you can see, they’re all really simple tips. But it’s easy to forget how little actions and habits can help us in big ways. Have a beautiful week!


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