A Weekend Getaway in Tampa

Weekend getaways have become my jam. I love that it’s the perfect amount of time to step away from work and the hustle and bustle of everything and get refreshed, without getting too far away from your routine. Because as much as I love vacations, I love having a routine and hate stepping away from it for too long.

Are you ready for a perfect laidback summertime vacation where you can relax, enjoy pretty sunsets and indulge in yummy food? Make your way to Florida for a weekend getaway in Tampa. It was a 4 1/2 hour drive from Miami and totally worth it.



I stayed at The Godfrey Hotel & Cabanas Tampa and enjoyed winding down each day, sitting on my balcony and watching the sun set on the bay. It was a gorgeous view.

The Godfrey Hotel Tampa | Join Me in Miami

This was the view from our room, looking towards the right.

The hotel has a bunch if rocking chairs and seating areas facing the bay, where you can sit and soak up the sunset.Weekend Getaway in Tampa | Join Me in Miami The Godfrey Hotel staff was so sweet to bring a cheeseboard and wine to welcome us. And seriously, do you see that sunset? I captured that photo while sitting in bed-so beautiful.

Before heading out to dinner, we took this OOTD shot on the pretty deck at The Godfrey Hotel & Cabanas Tampa. It goes pretty far out onto the bay and offers such a pretty view. It’s a perfect place to drink your morning coffee (the hotel offers Buddy Brew, a local Tampa coffee roaster) or sip some wine in the evening.

Armature Works Tampa | Join Me in Miami

Armature Works



Noble Crust

Weekend Getaway in Tampa | Join Me in Miami

Saturday morning I had delicious avocado toast with a side of some of the tastiest cheese grits at Noble Crust. They have a few locations across Tampa, so it’s a convenient place to check out and the seasonally inspired menu is worth a visit.

Chocolate Pi

In between exploring any city, we always make time for coffee breaks. After our brunch at Noble Crust and spending some time walking and driving around town, we were ready for a snack break. I was so excited to try out Chocolate Pi, because their drinks are more than your everyday coffee. I mean, my latte had GLITTER in it and was black. Nathan ordered a Lavender Mocha Latte and I ordered the Brushed Suede Latte. Both were so yummy and tasted more like a little dessert and midday treat than just a cup of coffee.

Plus, the decor inside was just darling AND they were playing the cutest music, like The Beauty & The Beast and Matilda soundtrack 🙂

Armature Works

LEFT is the outside of Armature Works right on the river| RIGHT is Astro Ice Cream Co.

No doubt that one of the top places to be on the weekends is Armature Works. And when it came time for dinner on Saturday, we knew had to try this place out. This awesome food hall is home to 16 vendors including: cafes, cocktail bars, restaurants, wine bars, dessert shops, a general store and more. You go for the food and drink and stay for the buzzing ambiance and amazing people watching. (People watching is one of Nathan and I’s favorite activities 😂).

Plus, the venue is located on the Hillsborough River in the historic neighborhood of Tampa Heights-so it’s a great place to sit outside and catch some rays by the water too.

LEFT is BnB | RIGHT is Fine & Dandy

Saturday night, we enjoyed some barbecue and deliciously crafted cocktails at Armature Works. The BBQ from BnB was great, but the cocktails from Fine & Dandy were truly impressive. Nathan told the bartender to make him something with rye whiskey and whatever he created (which was certainly hand-crafted as we watched him for almost 10 minutes concoct the drink) made Nathan a very happy guy. We sat on a comfortable worn leather couch, sipping drinks and going to town on ribs, all while watching the passersby. It was great.

We actually had dinner at Armature Works both Friday and Saturday night, because the vibe and the food options were just too good. I forgot to snap a photo of my food on Friday night, because I inhaled it the minute it was placed in front of me. However, both of our dinners are worth noting because of how yummy they were.

I ordered the Funghi pizza from Ava, which was topped with cremini and shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onion, mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano and balsamic. AMAZING. And Nathan ordered the Graze Burger from Graze 1910, which included maple peppered bacon. I feel like that’s all you need to know about that burger. That bacon was incredible.

The Hall on Franklin

Franklin Hall | Join Me in Miami

When it came time for breakfast on Sunday, we decided to skip the extremely popular and instagram-famous Oxford Exchange for another food hall experience. We were so happy we did. I just love the concept of being able to satiate all sorts of cravings by ordering from multiple restaurants. The Hall on Franklin is a much smaller version of Armature Works, with only 7 restaurants. However, I still love the vibe. It’s industrial and trendily decorated, not as noisy and instead of walking around and ordering your food from every vendor, you have a waiter and they bring the food to your table. So it’s a little more of a relaxed vibe.

I went with an on-special breakfast melt from Heights Melts and an on-special waffle from Bake n Babes that had guava glazed on top. Both were delicious!



Downtown St. Petersburg Central Ave.

A Weekend Getaway in Tampa-Join Me in Miami

On Sunday we grabbed a coffee from a cute coffee and cocktail bar, Intermezzo, on the coolest little street in St. Petersburg called Central Ave. This street is full of colorful storefronts, antique shops, food joints and other local businesses. It’s a cool place to get a coffee and take a stroll, enjoying the laidback and quirky vibes.

Hyde Park

A Weekend Getaway in Tampa-Join Me in Miami

On Saturday, after our brunch and before our coffee/snack break at Chocolate Pi, we walked around Hyde Park. This clean, relaxed shopping park has many recognizable stores along with a few cute local boutiques. Hyde Park also has coffee shops, a Sprinkles Cupcake shop and one of my favorite restaurants that I tried for the first time in Asheville, Bar Taco.

The Bay

Weekend Getaway in Tampa | Join Me in Miami Review

There are quite a few beaches you can drive to, all offering something a little different. You can also enjoy the view of the bay, pictured above from my hotel balcony.


That’s how you enjoy a weekend getaway in Tampa! Lots of relaxing, strolling, sipping and eating. It’s summertime weekend destination perfect to refresh and slow down a bit.

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