5 Misconceptions About Decorating Small Spaces

5 Misconceptions About Decorating Small Spaces

You asked for more home style content, so I’m excited to share some decorating tips today! Regardless if your home in it’s entirety is big or small, we are all bound to have a room or two that is on the smaller size. And for those rooms we search for ways to make them look the most inviting and open as possible. However, there is plenty of advice out there that is outdated and has been outsmarted.

I see it less about breaking decorating rules and more about understanding that you don’t have to opt out of a specific style, paint color or piece of furniture because your space is small. Instead learn to work with what you got-which makes the decorating process fun and unique to you and your home!

5 Misconceptions About Decorating Small Spaces

1. Stay away from dark colors.

Just because your space is small doesn’t mean all your decor has to be light colored. Of course it’s a good idea to keep things on the brighter side, but adding dark accents can actually help show off the larger parts of your space, whether it be a bedroom or your living room. For instance, I always knew I wanted a dark blue couch for my living room-before I even moved in. And when I did move in and saw that the couch would be against the longest wall in my space, I knew it would be a perfect fit to draw the eye along the wall. So I chose a long couch with a mid-low back.

Another way to accentuate a big detail in a small space is if you have a tall ceiling in a room, painting the alternating walls or the wall behind your bed or couch will draw the eye up and accent wherever the room is the biggest.

2. Use small furniture in small rooms.

So your living room or bedroom is on the smaller side, you don’t need to stick to small furniture. In fact, a few large pieces in a small space can create the illusion of a bigger room. For instance my living room is small, but not only do I have couch and dining table in close vicinity, but I opted for a statement chair in the corner too. Specifically a peacock chair, which may be the chair that packs the most statement of them all 😉

3. Choose big mirrors instead of smaller ones.

How many times have we heard about the old mirror trick? Put a large mirror in a small room and it offers the illusion that the space is bigger, since it gives off the same impression as windows. However, small mirrors can be useful in small spaces too! A small mirror placed near or across from a well-lit area in your bedroom, living room, hallway etc. uses it’s mirror magic to reflect the light and widen up the space.

I have a mid-century mirror near the space where I have the most lights, and even though the mirror is only about 2’x2′, it does the trick. Plus, mirrors are pretty decor accents!

4. Keep decor minimalistic.

Whatever your home decor style is, whether you like to stick to one aesthetic or mix it up, you don’t need to keep things simple and minimalistic just because your space is small. Choosing decorative accents in varying sizes, shapes and materials offers your rooms more dimension and draws the eye to the different depths and heights within a room.

5. Decorate asymmetrically.

Keeping your furniture and decorative accents symmetrical offers clean lines that are always appealing. However, especially with smaller spaces, choosing to go perfectly symmetrical can sometimes be unpractical and can occupy useful space.

For instance, who said you need two night stands? Or that you have to put an end table on both ends of the couch? If you have a lot of space and can find yourself truly relying on the tables for practicality then it makes sense. If not, scrape one and go with something either taller or less inconspicuous on the alternating side such as a floor lamp, floor cushion, house plant etc.

Those are the 5 Misconceptions About Decorating Small Spaces! I love my small home and haven’t had to sacrifice anything in my decor because of it. Instead I got creative and embraced what it has to offer 🙂

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