Answering Your Most Asked Questions

Answering Your Most Asked QuestionsI LOVE getting your questions. There is always a mix of poignant, random and fun questions. I’ll try and do an “Answering Your Most Asked Questions” post every few months, maybe quarterly. Anywho, thanks for your interest in little ole me-I appreciate your support and love and I am sending it right back to you!

Answering Your Most Asked Questions

How did you get into blogging and land your freelance work?

I needed something creative of my own to have fun with, then it started to grow, along with my love for blogging. When I started, I never once thought I could do it full-time. In fact, I was using all of the experience and skills like HTML, CSS and social media I learned from blogging to help me land internships and jobs. However, I began to realize nothing would give me the creative freedom that blogging gave me, so I knew I would make it my full-time job one day…and I did just that 3ish years ago. I do still work freelance with start ups brands and manage their digital content presence-which I LOVE.

What to wear in Miami heat/humidity without melting?

I have been living in flowy midi dresses. Styles that aren’t too tight and not too thick. And I prefer them to maxi dresses, which have a tendency to trap the heat in and make me even hotter if they don’t have slits. I pair them with slide sandals and cute sunnies 🙂 You can find some of my favorite styles here.

Makeup and skincare routine?

You can see my favorite affordable skincare here. My favorite natural skincare products here. My favorite summer lipsticks here. And I’m working on a new everyday makeup post to share the products I wear everyday-stay tuned!

Home workouts?

Squats, lunges, burpees, wall squats, push ups and tricep dips. And I usually pick three of those and do a 4-5 reps of about 30-35.

Do you ever think about moving out of Miami?

All. Of. The. Time. Whether it’s just outside of Miami, or further away-I don’t know yet. It depends on several factors between the hubs and I. The fast-paced, over-crowded and loud aspects of this city are not really our jam. BUT, I will say 2018 has been the year of me really trying to appreciate the season I am in, which includes the city I live in too.

How many hours do you work as a blogger?

Well, I wake up around 7:30am-8am everyday and don’t close my laptop/get off my phone until usually around 10pm-10:30pm. Blogging and freelance is kind of a non-stop thing, if you want to keep growing. But because I work for myself, that means I can work from anywhere and rarely have to say no to a happy hour invite and can do groceries and other errands whenever I want. All of the perks definitely make up for the longgggg hours. Did I mention my dogs are my co-workers? 😉

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I have never liked these type of timeline questions. Although I know how popular they are! I am organized with work (pretty much the only thing I’m organized with 🙈) and love to make short-term goals. However, that’s where the buck stops for me. I have found looking even as close as 5 years in the future doesn’t really help me in the present. I am all about enjoying the moment, while being responsible and trying to make the smartest decisions for myself and my hubs.

What is one trend you can’t stand?

The tiny sunglass trend. Talk about a trend that is literally USELESS haha. They don’t even shield your eyes from the sun!

Have the first years of marriage been hard like everyone says?

Nope. We have tons of stresses, because I have my own business and my hubs is transitioning in his career. But that’s normal life stuff that has nothing to do with our relationship/marriage. I will say that I’m sure being together 9 years before we got married helped out a lot-we’ve felt committed to each other for a longggg time. So I think having a very solid foundation and knowing each other extremely well will help any marriage start strong and be filled with lots of love 🙂

How do you stay so tan?

I naturally have olive skin, so I tan very easily. I can spend 30 minutes in the sun and be two shades darker. And since I live in Miami, if I so much as stand next a window while still indoors, I’ll still catch a  tan. It’s SUNNY here. So it’s easy to stay tan.

You are always making cocktails. Do you drink a lot?

Haha. I love concocting cocktails and coming up with yummy stuff (and sharing it with you!), but the truth is, I only drink on average a couple of times a week. Generally just a glass of wine or two at some point during the week, usually when I draw myself a bath or when it’s been a particularly long day, and then I’ll have some beer/homemade cocktail during the weekend. Or polish of that opened bottle of wine with the hubs.

I notice you use your slow-cooker a lot, is it the only way you cook?

I use my heaven-sent slow-cooker about 65% of the time. The other times I love to sauté chicken or ground sirloin in a pan.

Are you going to share more details about your wedding?

I have an internal battle of wanting share all of the gorgeousness and goodness with you guys and at the same time wanting to hold it close to my heart. However, I do want to answer your advice questions and I promise to get to those soon!

What are your favorite blogs to read?

I love and I’m really into well-rounded blogs that dip into several topics and are honest. I like no BS and fluffy talk from the blogs I read 😉

Do you want to have kids?

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked that. The hubs and I are VERY happy with our two dogs that are our world. We are unhealthily obsessed with them and at the moment are entirely devoted to those two nuggets and to each other.

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