Summer Travel: Beauty & Skincare Products to Travel With

Summer Travel: Beauty & Skincare Products to Travel With

While I haven’t mastered how to travel with just a carry on (one day, I hope!), since so many of my vacations growing up were tropical and beach vacations, I have mastered how to pack for those type of trips. I’ve mentioned before how sensitive my skin is, so especially when I know I’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun and the ocean/pool, I take my skin care travel routine seriously.

And this doesn’t just go for my face, but my body too. Let me break down how intense I am about my routine: I love the ocean air as much as anyone, but whether it’s the salt in the air or something else about it, it often gives me allergic reactions on my skin in the form of a subtle, but usually itchy, rash. And pools? I am allergic to the chlorine, it also gives me rashes plus a sore throat. Soooooo yea. You’re getting advice on Beauty & Skincare Products to Travel With from someone who has tried countless products and has the highest standards.

Let’s get to it then!

Summer Travel: Beauty & Skincare Products to Travel With

Shaving & Waxing

Tree Hut bare Shave Prep Sugar Scrub

I am obsessed with getting a really close shave. Even if a stubble on my leg isn’t visible to the eye, but I can feel it, it will bother the heck out of me. I not only love this shave prep sugar scrub, because it helps give me a close shave, but it also exfoliates away ingrown hairs and gets rid of dead skin. This is what prevents razor burn and rashes.

Tree Hut bare Moisturizing Shave Oil

I’ve been using this shave oil for over 3 years and swear by it. Not only is it natural and smells amazing, but it feels so good on the skin and helps me get a super close shave.

GIGI No Bump Roll-On

Before my recent week long beach stay, I purchased this no bump roll-on to help prevent razor bumps and irritation and I am so impressed! Firstly, the application process of rolling it on it so convenient and helps you not waste any product while applying. Secondly, I noticed a huge difference after applying it twice within one day-once in the morning and once at night after my shower.

Gillette Venus Smooth Women’s Disposable Razor

Like most of us, I’ve tried 20+ different razors throughout the years looking for the perfect one. My go-to razor is this 5 blade razor. I won’t use any razor with less than 5 blades and love that the little strip on these blades doesn’t irritate my skin.

Flamingo Women’s Body Wax Kit

I started using Flamingo wax strips a few months ago and really like them. They are fee of artificial colors, fragrance, parabens, mineral oil, and petrochemicals. I also find there to be a good amount of strips in each package for the price, only $10. 


Pacifica After Sun Spray 

If you’re someone who doesn’t burn easily and doesn’t need to slather on aloe after being out in the sun, this is a great option. I hardly ever burn or even get red, so this after sun spray is the perfect product to use as it not only feels refreshing after a day in the sun, but has nourishing ingredients to replenish your skin. Plus, it smells so good!

Sun Bum Scalp Sunscreen

I can count the number of times on one hand I’ve gotten a sun burn on my body in my life. My scalp? That’s another story. 9.9/10 times I have my hair parted and that includes at the beach. My part has gotten so burnt before that my head actually felt sore from it. I usually resort to wearing a hat for the majority of the time I’m at the beach/pool for this reason. However, I recently discovered this scalp sunscreen and I love that it’s specially made for that area and the nozzle is perfect for precise application.

Sun Bum Tone Enhancer

I’m obviously not a blonde, but I love to use “purple” hair products sometimes because of all of the very light browns and blonde shades in the colored parts of my hair. One of those products is this Sun Bum Tone Enhancer, which I like to use during sun-filled, salt water-filled and/or chlorine-filled vacations to help keep the colored parts of my hair healthy and not get brassy or dull. It also conditions hair too, which is a huge plus. If I go in the pool or ocean and get my hair wet, I apply this every time I get out of the water.

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water

When I’m at the beach/pool all day, I don’t like to use my usual everyday cleanser, since I’d rather use something more gentle when my skin is in the sun all day. I rely heavily on my micellar cleansing water during summer vacations. It gets everything off, with a few swipes. And I follow with my daily toner and moisturizer.

Pacifica Coconut milk & Essential Oils Underarm Deodorant Wipe

I use these on a regular basis, but love them even more on summer vacations where I’m spending alllll day in the sun and probably doing lots of sweating. I keep them in my beach bag and use them throughout the day to freshen up. I love them!


Coconut Body Glow

When you’re on a sun-filled vacation, you know you want to bask in your tan. After my evening shower, before heading to dinner or drinks at night, I love to use this body glow oil. It is filled with yummy ingredients and gives my skin the prettiest shimmery glow, without looking like I dipped my limbs in glitter.

Pacifica Sun + Skincare Mineral SPF Bronzing Body Butter Crystal Shimmer SPF 50

I have been using another shimmer lotion from this brands for years and love it. When I saw they make the same lotion, but with SPF 50 I decided to make the switch. I love this lotion for anytime, but especially while on a vacation where I may not be by the pool/anymore, but want to put SPF on my body and also have a pretty shimmer going on. TIP: a little goes a long way-I like to apply pea sized drops along my arms and legs and then rub in. Instead of squeezing into my hands then applying-I feel the other way allows it to spread more evenly.


Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15

I’ve been using this product almost everyday for years and I love it so much-I have it in I think 4 colors. It’s especially perfect on sunny vacations because of the SPF and gives your lips a subtle hint of color that looks fresh and pretty. P.S. It’s really important to protect your lips from the sun too!

Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer SPF 40

My favorite thing about this sunscreen, besides the fact that it doesn’t make me break out, is that it has a little velvety feel to it and leaves skin matte without drying it out. I usually don’t use matte products on my face, but I actually really like it in sunscreen. Because of this, it also makes this sunscreen a great primer should you wear makeup on top.

Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen Brush

I discovered this mineral SPF a few years ago and really like it. It’s awesome for sensitive skin and has a subtle tint that gives your face some color and I love that the powder helps keep oil at bay too. This comes in 4 shades! I use shade: tan. I prefer to use this sunscreen if I know I’m not going to be sweating a lot or being too active. Just lounging underneath an umbrella or applied on top of other sunscreen or makeup is how I generally use this product.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios AOX Daily Antioxidant Serum SPF 50

I just started using this and I already love it. I’m a big fan of all things La Roche-Posay and liked the idea of a sunscreen also acting as a serum with lots of nourishing ingredients. I’m so glad I gave it a try. It’s so lightweight and feels like it disappears on my skin immediately, without leaving my skin feeling sticky or heavy.

bareMinerals Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20

If I wear any makeup while at the beach or pool, it has to be very lightweight and have SPF in it. Even on days I don’t wear any makeup on my sun-filled vacations, I like to use this mineral powder concealer with SPF 20 underneath my eyes as added protection and also to brighten up my eyes a bit. I don’t bring sunscreen up to right underneath my eyes unless I’m using the serum mentioned above, so it’s nice to have an option specifically made for that area. If I have a blemish on my skin, I also like to dot this concealer on it (in addition to sunscreen underneath) as an added shield against the sun to lessen the likelihood of hyperpigmentation of the blemish.

That wraps up my Beauty & Skincare Products to Travel With! I hope sharing them can help you when packing for your next sunny vacay 🙂

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