Dressing for the Dog Days of Summer

Dressing for the Dog Days of Summer

Even though the end of summer is near, in my neck of the woods, it always gets hotter at the end of the season before it starts to cool down a bit. So dressing for the dog days of summer can be interesting when it’s almost Fall. I’ve been seeing a lot of women, bloggers included, talking about how they get uninspired and a little unmotivated during this time of the year, so I wanted to share some of my tips for keeping afloat and thriving through what can be a weird time of the year.


Dressing for the Dog Days of Summer Dressing for the Dog Days of Summer Dressing for the Dog Days of Summer

Dress: Chicwish Hat: similar Heels: Target

When it comes to my style during these end of summer days, I’m pretty fortunate I can extend my summery looks since it stays hot and humid here in Miami for longer than most places. However, regardless of where you live, a way to defeat a style rut in between seasons is to keep things simple.

If the thought of choosing an edgy, statement or trendy outfit seems daunting during this time of the year (because you’re just trying to figure out whether you should still wear floral prints and bright colors…which you should totally do whatever you want!), reach for your easy going pieces and call it a day. That’s why I love this Chicwish button midi dress so much.

It’s simple, yet pulls off a put together outfit all on it’s on. I just pair it with simple and neutral accessories and I don’t have to put too much thought into what the heck to wear. Also, these taupe block heels which are only $25 are the perfect shoes to wear with literally anything. Plus, they’re so comfortable. I actually had a pair that looked exactly the same that was triple the price and swapped them out for these because of their comfort!

Besides style, I know there are other aspects of life, whether it’s work or creative endeavors, that this time of the year can make feel a little blah. I tackle this one of two completely different ways.

The first way is to dive head first into a creative project. This could be career-related if you work in the creative field, or this can be a fun side project. A DIY for your home, getting into a hobby you’ve had your eye on for yourself, or finally organizing a closet/desk/drawer etc. that’s been looming on you. I find that I can beat the blues when I stomp all over them with an activity that is creative and/or gratifying.

The second way is to sit back and take a breather. This in-limbo time of the year can actually serve you as a time to recharge and refresh. If you haven’t spent all of your summer vacation days/budget, take a short, yet invigorating weekend trip somewhere. Or check into a local hotel that you’ve been eyeing on instagram for a night and spend the day pool-side and ordering room service in a plush robe. Or keep it real simple and plan a weekend of doing n o t h i n g. Turn your mind off, keep your laptop closed (unless you’re scanning pinterest) and put your phone aside.

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