On the Go Outfit with adidas

On the Go Outfit with adidas

I believe one of the most important style aspects of a gal’s wardrobe is figuring out her on the go outfit. An outfit that is effortless to dress in while getting ready in the morning and where it will leave you feeling put together, while remaining comfortable.

For me, the most important aspect of an on the go outfit is a look that will work for any of the activities both planned and unplanned that the day will bring my way. I’ve partnered with adidas to share how their pieces make for the perfect on the go outfit for any day!


On the Go Outfit with adidas On the Go Outfit with adidas

A good place to start is with great pair of leggings. This means leggings that fit well and comfortably. I love the adidas stretchy two-tone leggings with a hint of 3-stripes, because of their thick, yet breathable fabric. It’s soft and curve-hugging. Even though an on the go outfit is a casual one, that doesn’t mean it can’t be flattering!

A pair of neutral and sleek sneakers are the perfect shoe on days you can’t find a moment to sit down. Plus, they are the best option to be wearing should your BFF or SOS invite you on a spontaneous stroll through the park, game of frisbee or coffee run. I know that especially on the weekends, I love to be dressed in an outfit that will allow me flexibility with my plans, without getting in the way of my busy day.

On the Go Outfit with adidas On the Go Outfit with adidas

To finish off my on the go outfit with adidas, I add two things: a comfortable layer and a cute accessory. For my layer, I like to choose something lightweight and functional like an oversized denim shirt (as pictured) or a neutral-colored long ribbed cardigan. And there is no more perfect accessory on those busy days when you don’t want to worry about doing your hair than topping it off with a cute strap-back hat.

Finding your on the go outfit is easy and essential to make the most out of your busy days and to help you never have to turn down any fun, active plans that may arise!


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  1. 10.4.18
    Li Lo said:

    Hi. Which tights and cap color specifically.
    So many choices..narrow down pLZ!

    • 10.7.18
      Camille of Join Me in Miami said:

      Hi there!

      I’m wearing the “stretchy two-tone leggings with a hint of 3-stripes” and the hat is “black denim”.

      xx Krista