Fall Trends With Whole Foods Market

Fall Trends With Whole Foods Market

It’s finally here! The yummiest season of them all, fall. While the beginning of fall marks the start of the holiday season, which comes with it’s own excitement, this season also brings us those delicious flavors of pumpkin spice, cinnamon, cardamom and so many more!

Today I’m sharing my excitement with you and talking about Whole Foods Market’s unique selection of fall flavors.
 Fall Trends With Whole Foods Market

First up are these 365 Everyday Value Pumpkin Spice Latte Pecans. As if the nutty flavor pecans offer wasn’t yummy enough, these pecans are tossed in pumpkin spice flavoring. I would be lying if I said they lasted more than one day in my kitchen 🙈 Fall Trends With Whole Foods Market

Next are two different products, yet two things every home needs in the fall. Seasonally scented hand soap and fall inspired cookies. The 365 Everyday Value Apple Cider Foaming Hand Soap is a limited edition hand soap that smells like you dipped your hands in autumn. I personally love to switch out my hand soaps depending on the season. It’s a small gesture that gives your home an instant seasonal update that both you and your guests will enjoy!

The 365 Everyday Value Cardamom Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix is a convenient way to always be just minutes away from a freshly baked batch of fall cookies. Whether it’s for you and your family on an ordinary fall day, or for a special seasonal occasion like Thanksgiving, these cookies will be the perfect accompaniment.

 Fall Trends With Whole Foods Market

One product that isn’t always as easy to find as fall-inspired snacks is convenient fall flavors for meals. Especially products that make seasonal lunches and dinners simple to make. That’s why I love the Whole Foods Market Organic Pumpkin Cardamom Pasta Sauce so much. All you have to do is add this wonderfully seasoned sauce to cooked pasta and you have yourself a quick lunch that embraces fall! 

Fall Trends With Whole Foods Market

Looking for the perfect compliment to your coffee and tea this season? Look no further than these crispy and delicious 365 Everyday Value Apple Cider Cookie Thins. The challenge is trying not to eat an entire box in one sitting. If you’re wondering, my husband and I failed at this 😏

Fall Trends With Whole Foods Market

I’m finishing off with my favorite fall flavor that you can find at Whole Foods Market, the 365 Everyday Value Pumpkin Spice Latte Popcorn. The beauty of Whole Foods manifesto #MakesMeWhole is that no matter what food you’re into, they always have something on their shelves for you. So, while I love all of the fall snacks mentioned above, this pumpkin spice latte popcorn is the winner for this girl. I’ve always considered popcorn the perfect snack, so a popcorn flavor that celebrates the season is a win-win!

Now time for a Whole Foods Market Fall Harvest Box Giveaway!

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