Burt’s Bees Liquid Lipstick at CVS

Burt's Bees Liquid Lipstick at CVS

Can I be honest? My favorite part of making plans to be out and about is knowing I’ll be able to sit down with my makeup and have some fun getting dolled up. Plus, it gives me an excuse to relax and have a little me-time.

One thing that will always be part of my makeup routine are natural products. You all know my passion for using makeup that has 100% natural ingredients that are nourishing. That’s why I’m really excited to share with you the latest addition to my makeup routine: Burt’s Bees® Liquid Lipstick.

Burt's Bees Liquid Lipstick at CVSBurt's Bees Liquid Lipstick at CVS

Burt’s Bees® products have been a part of my daily beauty/skincare routine for years (I was obsessed with Burts Bees® Lip Balm in high school!). Now that I like to embrace a more bold lip color with my makeup looks, I’m so happy one that the same brand I’ve loved for so long has made it easy to keep it 100% natural.

Burt's Bees Liquid Lipstick at CVSBurt's Bees Liquid Lipstick at CVS

What makes Burt’s Bees® Liquid Lipstick 100% natural? It is has incredible ingredients like Apricot Oil, Babassu Oil and Shea Butter. How amazing does that sound? One of my biggest peeves when putting on lipstick, especially if I’m choosing a bold color, is when the lipstick gets into the cracks of my lips and actually dehydrates them, giving them a far from soft and natural finish. Since these Burt’s Bees® Liquid Lipsticks have so many hydrating ingredients, my lips are left moisturized after I apply.

All of those nourishing ingredients also make the lipsticks glide on smoothly and keep the color and hydration going strong all day! This is awesome, because nothing is worse than loving the way a lipstick looks on you, then realizing it lasts all of 10 seconds. Not a problem with Burt’s Bees® Liquid Lipstick 🙌🏼

So where can you find these lip color beauties? You can shop all 18 gorgeous shades of Burt’s Bees® Liquid Lipstick at CVS. They are in the beauty/skincare section of the store and are actually exclusive to CVS, so be sure to look for your perfect color match there since you’ll have more options!

In these photos I’m wearing Peony Puddle. A fresh, nude peach shade that has a subtle shimmer and is soooo pretty. They are in the beauty/skincare section of the store, and six shades are exclusive to CVS.

This post is sponsored by Burts Bees. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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