Season of Giving and Being On the Go

What to Wear for busy days and running errands

There are two things that come to mind when I think of this time of the year, the season of giving and being on the go. Whether it’s buying gifts for friends, carving out time to spend with loved ones or giving back to the community, there is so much goodness to spread this season.

What to Wear for busy days and running errands

Every year I go shopping for Thanksgiving dinner necessities for families in need. So many organizations make it easy to find out what to purchase and which locations to drop off the goods. Doing this means a lot of running around, hopping in and out of the car and driving around town. More than any other time of the year, this season I’m on my feet and on the go. So, today I wanted to share what I wear for busy days and running errands!

What to Wear for busy days and running errands

First up is a quality pair of leggings. A pair that’s thick and comfortable. These adidas believe this tights are just that. They actually have breathable mesh side panels that keep you cool, plus I like the look of the trimming down the side of the legging too. It’s flattering!

What to Wear for busy days and running errands

Next is a pair of shoes that are comfortable, cute and don’t dress down your look. I’m really choosy with the sneakers I buy that aren’t for working out, but instead for me to wear when out and about. I don’t want them to look too sporty and prefer a cuter look. These Forest Grove Shoes add some style to my outfits, but keep it so comfy. I recently wore these as I spent an entire day at a theme park, walking all day long. They kept me so comfortable, I love them!

I’m also really into the “raw grey” color (which looks more like a dusty blue to me), it’s an unexpected neutral and nice pop of color.

What to Wear for busy days and running errands

I pair my leggings with a simple and neutral-color tee, usually white or grey. Then top it all off with a cute layering piece like a utility vest or sometimes an open plaid shirt. It helps add a finishing touch to the look and pull it all together. If you’re in colder temperatures than I am, I’d reach for a denim jacket or cute sweatshirt!

This post is sponsored by adidas. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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