Small Home Living Tips

Small Home Living Tips

One of my favorite things about living in a small home is using my creativity to find ways to live large, in a not so large space. Whether it’s decorating, organizing or storing stuff-I may not have 3 closets to put everything in, but when I give everything a purpose, everything finds a place.

Today I wanted to share 7 Small Home Living Tips that have helped me!

1. Display your hats on a wall.

I don’t mean your baseball caps and beanies. However, your wool, straw and fedora hats naturally have a pretty aesthetic and look neat hung on a wall. Plus, storing your hats this way helps the hats keep their shape.

2. Keep added storage space, clean and decorative.

While living in small space, there is a good chance you’ll need to add some extra storage. I hate clutter. So when I was looking for an extra storage unit, I knew I wanted to keep things looking sleek and meshing with my decor. I found this white cubby and cute storage bins/baskets and I’ve loved the way it looks and functions in my bedroom. I like the metal wire baskets, but for the purpose I use the cubby for, I preferred the bins that keep the contents hidden.

3. Use a wall desk as your office/study space.

A small space usually means no official office room. And putting a desk in a room that serves another purpose (i.e. bedroom, living room, guest-room) can take up too much space and make the room cluttered. To get your working space while keeping things minimal, I love a wall desk. It’s sleek and if you add shelves above and to the side of the wall desk, you can create an entire office wall unit that can be both stylish and functional.

4. Place a mirror in each room.

The old decor trick is true, mirrors help open any room. Even if it is a smaller and decorative mirror, placing one in each room adds a sleek decor piece that is functional. And as we all know, when you live in a small space, everything that’s pretty still needs to have function! I personally prefer smaller ones in living spaces and hallways and larger ones (like standing mirrors) in bedrooms.

5. A bedframe with space underneath is essential.

We actually love the look of low-profile beds, but having one went out the window immediately when we realized how much storage space we could utilize underneath our bed. We use this under bed storage for sweaters and seasonal blankets/throws. I think we’re going to be getting the one meant for shoes too, considering our shoe collection is currently overflowing 🙃

6. Decorative lidded baskets are life.

Baskets have always been a great decorative accent and as of the past few years, they are seriously on trend-regardless of your home decor style. I have cute open ones around my home, but the real game changers are the baskets with lids. It keeps the contents hidden and makes the baskets stackable. I have a few large ones stacked on my wardrobe and then in my closet too and they store so many things, while not being an eye sore either!

7. Opt for corner furniture units.

Although furniture made specifically for corners works particularly well for small homes, really any home could use a piece that helps fill in those odd nooks and ends. I had a major dilemma in my bathroom a couple of years ago of not knowing what kind of storage unit to put in there, because even though my bathroom is actually pretty spacious, I still didn’t want to put a large cabinet in there that would protrude and look bulky. Enter the perfection of using a corner piece. Plus, it looks so pretty!

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