Real Talk Friday: 2019 Balance and Reflection

2019: Balance and Reflection

This past year was my most successful business year yet, but that didn’t come without lots of stress + frustration, and ups + downs. Running your own business is a constant feeling of being really proud of your work/yourself and simultaneously feeling like you’re not doing enough. It takes the phrase “being your own worse critic” to new heights. I’ve had to really lean into knowing that my best is truly good enough and that “my best” doesn’t need to be working until midnight everyday or saying yes to anything if I’m not 100% excited about it. I’ve learned the more balanced I feel, the happier I feel. I’m taking that lesson into the new year with me!

It was also a very intense year for Nathan’s career, as we spent many many days apart and most with very few hours of sleep for him, which means little sleep for me because I’m a worry wart. 2018 was the most exhausting year we’ve had in our over 11 years together. So much thinking, big decision making and sometimes stressful uncertainty. But my goodness have we grown threefold because of it. I wouldn’t change a thing about 2018. Well maybe a little more sleep 😉

As every year passes I’ve understood more and more how each victory and accomplishment (no matter how big or small) tastes so much sweeter when you’ve put all you have into it and really believe in yourself and in whoever you’ve chosen to do life with. So I’ve learned to hope for not the easy way to get to where I want to go, but the smartest way. Even if it doesn’t come fast or simple, I’m focusing on having the wisdom and patience to make decisions that will get me to where I want to be, while enjoying the ride.

We’re hoping to grow in our careers in 2019, and expect some great changes. However, we’re promising ourselves to continue to look for calm and reflective moments as often as possible, because what we want more than anything is to really live everyday with a grateful heart and to focus on blessings and not limitations. We do a pretty good job of snapping ourselves back into a state of thankfulness anytime we get overwhelmed by life, but we’re hoping to learn to be even more peaceful in our responses to both the big and small things life presents us with ♥

And to you, my readers, thank you. Thank you for another year of support and sharing in this community with me. Your simple gestures such as comments, emails and messages always inspire me and help me continuously grow. Cheers to you and to this new year!

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