How to Avoid Stress as a Blogger

How to Avoid Stress as a Blogger

1. Set reasonable posting goals.

Does this sound like a bummer and underachieving? Well, it shouldn’t. You are a blogger. Whether you’re full-time or part-time, by taking the step to put your time, effort and money into blogging you already know that you’re an achiever and someone who believes in yourself and what you have to offer. However, telling yourself that you want to post to the blog x amount of times a week or to Instagram x amount of times a day may be too much for you. My point is to be reasonable with yourself on how many posts you think you can commit to weekly/daily without burning out or setting yourself up for frustration.

I remember a few of years ago (before the algorithm change) my goal was to post twice a day to Instagram and when I didn’t have enough content to do so I would get stressed and disappointed. It took me a few months to realize I was being unreasonable, because when I looked at the amount of time/resources I had to give to creating content at that present time, I just wasn’t able to produce quickly enough to post twice a day. You have to get real with yourself and that means realizing that if you don’t have a photographer spending x amount of hours a week following you around and snapping content, then you have to work with what you have until you’re ready to make some bigger changes that will give you the outcome you’re looking for.

2. Chill it with Instagram.

Once you post on Instagram, stay on the app for 5 minutes then close it for at least an hour. Why? Well, it’s always a fun and polite thing to respond to commenters and based on algorithm studies, the moments closest to when you post are the most influential to strike conversation on your post to increase visibility. Or I sometimes like to take the 5 minutes after I post and click through Instagram and engage with other posts that I fancy. However, lingering on your post and repeatedly refreshing your likes is not healthy. I repeat, don’t do it.

C’mon girl, you KNOW that you’re worth more than a like on a post. While I do personally think our “worth” as a content creator can be calculated by the effort, creativity, time and talent behind what we create, Instagram does not offer a precise science that appreciates all of the hard work and worth behind a post. Because…well, it’s an app.

So next time you post, linger just enough to respond to the first of the commenters, then put your phone down and check in later. Show that app who’s boss!

3. Keep yourself excited.

Stay excited about who you’re collaborating with and what you’re posting about. Whether it’s a paid collaboration or not. It’s easy enough to get stressed about nailing the perfect shot, meeting a tight deadline or just having your vision be able to come to life perfectly when you are really excited about the content. But being even 75% invested in something, and not 100%, will make a process that we all know isn’t as easy as it seems even less enjoyable. This means no filler content. If you’re not excited to post something, don’t. Chances are your audience will sniff that immediately and be disappointed. I mean, isn’t a huge reason we chose this path to do work that makes us happy? I rather post to my blog and/or Instagram less, if it means everything I share I’m excited about.

4. Understand you are the sum of all of your effort, not just one aspect.

No one thing is everything. And in this industry, smart brands and collaborators are realizing that more and more. Influencer presence, content creator presence, social media presence…whatever you want to call it, it’s called a “presence” for a reason. Think about what you have to offer as a blogger as more than any one aspect and realize that you’re presence is multifaceted. So don’t get hung up on one aspect, especially when doing so can stress you wayyyy out.

5. Discover and focus on your audience trends.

Ask yourself: what is your audience telling you, without you even asking them? What comments do you keep getting? What are people emailing or DM’ing you about? Even if the topics aren’t deep, it’s obviously stuff your audience is taking the time to comment/ask about.

Is your hair so fabulous that your audience is always leaving you comments and asking questions on it? Do hair tutorials and make sure your hair looks extra fly in all of your photos 💁Is there a particular room in your house that sparks interest every time you share a photo of it or you in it? Try and set up more photos in that room and do a room tour. Do your captions make people lol? Focus on making every caption wittier/funnier than the last. You get the point. Take a step back and use what people are showing you interest on. While there are readers and followers that enjoy a personal and thought-provoking post, there are also many people that enjoy reading your blog and following you on Instagram for pretty basic, fun and simple reasons. They like your hair. They think your dogs are cute. etc. Give them what they want to see, it’s fun!

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  1. 1.9.19
    Della said:

    I have been following your blog for years and I have to tell you, that as a fellow blogger this post really struck a cord. Thanks for the reminders and tips. You rock!

    • 1.9.19
      Camille of Join Me in Miami said:

      Thank you so much for your support! And I’m so happy you can relate.

      xx Krista