High Neck Floral Dress + Slouchy Knee High Boots

High Neck Floral Dress

I’ve always loved any piece that reminds me of the seventies and this high neck floral dress definitely gives me those vibes. And since boots were huge during that decade, I thought it would be fun to style the dress with a pair of slouchy suede boots.


High Neck Floral DressCrescent Moon Earrings

I love the floral pattern on this dress, because it doesn’t really scream any particular season. It’s a little ambiguous, but still vibrant and so pretty. Did I mention the dress is only $32? And it fits so cute!

High Neck Floral DressHigh Neck Floral DressDress: ASOS Boots: Similar Purse: Nordstrom Lipstick: Buxom

On another note, I wanted to let you all know that I am truly grateful for your DM’s, comments and emails saying that you appreciate that I share pieces that are attainable and not unnecessarily expensive. It helps me know that searching for flattering and pretty pieces that don’t break the bank is something you find valuable. Which I’m so happy about!

Since I started this blog I have abided by the same shopping mindset I live by, which is to avoid buyers remorse, be smart with spending on trends I know may be fleeting, invest wisely on designer pieces (Which I hardly ever do. I think I can count the number of designer items I own on one hand) and don’t overspend. Because of this, even though a huge part of my blog is fashion/shopping based, I have managed to never once feel that I am giving into any kind of a consumerism black hole. While “affordable” is a subjective term, I strive to make sure just about everything I style is accessible. And if I think it may be out of a good % of my reader’s (and the average gal’s) budget, you’ll notice I’ve always shared alternative pieces at different price points.

I really just wanted to thank you and share those thoughts of mine with you today, because I promise that I get just as frustrated as you do about seeing so much content that only features items with price tags that are unrelatable, unnecessarily expensive and content that doesn’t offer alternatives.

So as we’re ready to close out the second week of this new year, I want you to know that this year will be no different and I will continue to never share or style any piece I wouldn’t purchase myself. (And I consider myself a pretty savvy shopper 😉) And I will also continue to include style options at different price points. I think it’s important ♥

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