Products Helping Me Reset for 2019

Products Helping Me Reset for 2019

I’ve mentioned before how I don’t really do New Years Resolutions. One of the main reasons is because I like to give myself goals and challenges throughout the year and to be honest, if I were to give myself all of those at the beginning of the year, it would be pretty overwhelming.

However, I have always welcomed the idea pressing reset and allowing myself to enjoy a refreshment and clean slate to start the year. Today I’m sharing the products helping me reset for 2019. Some of these I’ve been using for years and others I have recently incorporated into my routine and love them!

Products Helping Me Reset for 2019

Just me and best pal enjoying the morning before I start my day.
Products Helping Me Reset for 2019I’m no stranger to the prestige of Under Armour workout wear. I have plenty of their leggings and sports bra that I use. This UA Seamless Longline Bra is just one of those pieces I love for both working out in and lounging around in. It’s comfortable and doesn’t cut me off in weird/unflattering places.

Products Helping Me Reset for 2019

What I was a stranger to was that Under Armour has sleepwear. And just no ordinary sleepwear, but sleepwear that helps you to recover faster and sleep better. What?! In all of these photos I’m wearing the Athlete Recovery Jumpsuit and I don’t know how I will ever sleep in anything else ever again. Let’s start with the fabric that is so soft and cozy, but also breathable. I’m someone who sleeps with the air at 67° and sweats so easily if I’m wearing anything just a smidge too thick. This Althete Recovery Jumpsuit feels like a second skin.
Products Helping Me Reset for 2019The cool factor is that the fabric is created with Celliant which is backed by the FDA to increase localized circulation. The concept behind this jumpsuit is that it returns energy to your body and increases the amount of oxygen sent to your muscles. HOW STINKIN’ COOL. Oh yea, it’s also super cute 💁

Products Helping Me Reset for 2019 Products Helping Me Reset for 2019

I have chronic pain in my neck, shoulders and triceps on a daily basis. Now take any additional soreness from working out and I’m left feeling pretty beat up most nights. I have a neck/shoulder massager I use almost everyday, but I also use Tiger Balm Patch and Tiger Balm Ultra. I use the contouring patches (I’m wearing one in all of these photos) on places like my triceps, shoulder and lower back. They come in a resealable pack of 5. Then I use the balm, which has the strongest concentration of Tiger Balm’s herbal ingredients, to massage into my neck and into right above my elbow (where I get tennis elbow pains). The chronic muscle pain I get is pretty bad, like a 8/10 most days. And I get some comforting relief when I use both of these products.

Products Helping Me Reset for 2019These CELSIUS Powder Sticks are pretty awesome. While I love having powder sticks readily available to add to water for a quick and yummy drink, it’s always just been a tea-something that really isn’t giving anything else but flavor. This CELSIUS on-the-go tastes so yummy (it comes in 4 flavors) and benefits your body by providing energy without sugar or high fructose corn syrup. I’ve been drinking these in the morning and before I do a cardio sesh!

Products Helping Me Reset for 2019

Closing out the products helping me reset for 2019 with these AfterShokz Trekz Air Open-Ear Headphones which are A-MA-ZING. I didn’t even know anything about conduction technology before I started using these and now I’m wondering where they have been all of my life! I have the tiniest ears and ear canals which makes wearing earbuds so bothersome and most actually leave my ears feeling sore.

Products Helping Me Reset for 2019

You’ll notice they sit right above/in front of my ear. This is so that the AfterShokz Trekz Bone Conduction technology uses that bone right in front of the ear. This is much more comfortable than any headphone I’ve ever used. My tiny ears rejoice!

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