Casual Winter Outfit

Teddy Coat and Jeans Outfit

On Miami’s coldest days (in the 50’s 😂) I like to take notice of what my go-to “winter” style would be if I lived somewhere with colder winter. I’ve discovered that besides an oversized knit sweater, a cozy statement jacket would be what I’d reach for. This teddy jacket is one of those pieces that make a perfect casual winter outfit!


Teddy Coat and Jeans Outfit Teddy Coat and Jeans Outfit

And because a statement jacket is usually either fun or edgy, I like to keep the rest of my look pretty simple with classic pieces like blue jeans and a neutral-colored top. The jeans I’m wearing are my newest pair of Levi jeans and I wear them at least 2 times week-I love them. They have flattering, classic fit and wash.

Teddy Coat and Jeans Outfit Teddy Coat and Jeans Outfit

Jacket: Shein Jeans: Levis Top: Madewell Handkerchief: Target Earrings: Similar Shoes: New Balance

On a personal note, I’ve been struggling lately to find self-care time. Does that ever happen to you? (Not including my readers that are moms, that’s a no brainer. I can’t imagine how hard that must be!) Besides my midday 15 minute power nap that I try to get in daily (although it ends up being more like an every other day thing) I can’t tell you the last time I did anything to pamper myself-including fun, girly things. It’s my own fault. I procrastinate making my hair appointments, I haven’t been to the nail salon in probably over 6 months, I’ve been wanting to book some facial treatments at my derm’s office and “haven’t gotten around to it”, my hubs has offered to book me a spa massage countless times and I always find some excuse to not do it. Even my workout schedule has suffered lately 😣

I’m trying to get to the bottom of this, how come lately I always feel like I need to be doing something else? Especially because I’m really organized with my work schedule, I should be able to schedule everything else in my life with the same ease…right? Well I have struggled with that for a while now. I’ve always been really proud of my work ethic, especially as a business owner and working from home, I get my sh*t done. However, when it comes to scheduling stuff for myself I’m a mess.

Remember all of the times in the past and even more recently I’ve mentioned how I don’t like “new year resolutions”?

This is one of the reasons why. Because I’m pretty good at doing some self-reflecting on a continuous basis, which means I’m almost always seeing things I need to work on. Not just at the end of the year. So while I mentioned in my last post that I like the mindset of being refreshed for the new year, I like to be setting resolutions all year long. With this one now being added to the list 💪

So here’s to trying to make more time and less excuses when it comes to scheduling in some self-care time. Let me know if you have any good tips!

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