Dressing for a Warm Winter

Plaid Shirt & Denim Short Outfit

I’m usually complaining about not getting cold enough weather during the winter, but after seeing the freezing temperatures across the country, I’m pretty thankful about the sunny 65° here in Miami. (sending warm thoughts to you all freezing your bums off! ♥) While I love any excuse to bring out my cozy sweaters, I generally dress in more practical outfits for the chilly, but not quite cold weather.


Plaid Shirt & Denim Short Outfit Plaid Shirt & Denim Short Outfit

One shirt I wear all year long, but especially during the warm winters in Miami, is a long sleeve plaid shirt. I own about 5 different color combinations and wear them so many different ways. The pattern has always reminded me of colder temps, so even when pairing it with denim shorts, I feel like I’m dressing for the season when I have one on.

Plaid Shirt & Denim Short Outfit Plaid Shirt & Denim Short Outfit

Since I am, after all, wearing sandals and shorts in January, I left it to my wool hat and faux fur bag to bring things back to the fact that it is in fact Winter. I’m always finding ways to dress comfortably for the weather and forever summer here in Miami, while including little nods to the actual season it is with chosen accessories or one particular wardrobe piece that works for both.

Plaid Shirt & Denim Short Outfit Plaid Shirt & Denim Short Outfit

Shirt: Forever 21 Shorts: Joe’s Jeans Sandals: Similar Purse: Nordstrom Hat: Lucky Brand

Another trick on how to dress for a warm winter and what to wear during ambiguous seasons is to pay attention to colors. If I’m looking to wear something especially cool when the weather is warm, but the season is Fall or Winter, I look for lightweight pieces in warm and rich tones. It helps bring the look back to the actual season.

The weirdness of having perpetual summery weather, but loving to embrace each season, is what has led me to love neutrals so much too. They work all year long, for any season. So when in doubt, neutrals always work. Plus, the more neutral clothing you own, the more fun you can have with accessories and shoes to add pops of color and statement to a look 😉

Plaid Shirt

Strappy Tan Sandals

Faux Fur Bag

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