My Favorite Makeup Primers

My Favorite Makeup Primers

Can you believe I only started using primer less than a year ago? The first time I used it was on my wedding day. I did my own makeup for my wedding and knew a primer was essential to keep my makeup lasting all day. And while I loved the result of using primer, I had a misconception that it could only be used under foundation. Since I hardly ever wear foundation I never pulled out my primer again…until about a year ago.

My Favorite Makeup Primers

I decided to give it a go again, using it underneath my CC Cream, which is what I use daily. Now I use primer just about every time I do my makeup, because of the incredible difference it makes!

My favorite makeup primers consist of four different products, each offering a different result. Sometimes I use just one and other times I mix two!

I do want to preface by saying no matter how great a primer is, is you don’t MOISTURIZE before hand, you’ll never get the best result from it. And give your skin at least 5 minutes to soak in your serum or cream before you apply primer.My Favorite Makeup Primers

My Favorite Makeup Primers

My Favorite Makeup Primers

This Smashbox Photo Finsh Even Tone Primer is what I used on my wedding day. My main concern was using a primer that would work so well at evening out my skin tone, that I wouldn’t have to cake on the makeup to cover any blemishes. I wanted to steer clear of putting on too much foundation/powder, since that has a tendency to make skin look dry and less youthful. Plus, I never wear that much anyway and didn’t want to look too different on my wedding day.

I loved the result. My makeup lasted all day. I started my makeup at about 10am and my wedding ended at 1am. I was afraid with all of the cheek kisses we give each other here in Miami, that one side of my face was going to look different than the other, because of rubbing cheeks with everyone-but not at all.

If your concern is blemishes, discoloration, dark pigmentation, or if you just had a breakout and you’re dealing with the healing, the Smashbox Photo Finish Even Tone Primer is for you!

My Favorite Makeup Primers

Pores, be gone! This Cover FX Blurring Primer is magic, if you ask me. Blurring is the perfect word because that’s totally the effect. It even helps minimize a couple small chicken pox scars I have.

If you use illuminating foundations or CC creams that give a more hydrated and glowing effect, I think this is a great primer. Because often those type of products can accentuate pores and of course have the ability to make you oily quicker, I think this Cover FX Blurring Primer adds a great balance!

My Favorite Makeup Primers

Another Cover FX product I love is their NOVA Glitter Drops. When you drop it on your finger, beauty blender or whatever you use, you are going to think no way…it’s way too glittery. But A little goes a VERY long way and when you blend this under your primer of choice and once you’re done with all of your makeup, you’ll notice the prettiest shimmer all over. It also sets a bit after about 20 minutes, looking less like glitter and more like a subtle shimmer.

I love blending this Cover FX NOVA Glitter Drops all the way down my neck and chest too for the ultimate glow!

My Favorite Makeup Primers

Last, but certainly not least, the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow. I am obsessed with all things Charlotte Tilbury and this primer is no different. This primer gives my skin an instant healthy glow. If you’re looking for a product that will add glow to any CC Cream or foundation you use, but without looking glittery, this is the one for you.

You can even wear this Wonder Glow by itself. It offers no coverage, but does immediately give you a glow!

My Favorite Makeup Primers

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