Slip Dress & Sneakers

Slip Dress Outfit with Sneakers

I think I’m very close to forgetting how to walk in heels. I just find myself reaching for sneakers with almost every look, whether I’m wearing a dress or jeans. However, sneakers do take up a lot of space and I already have a ridiculous amount of shoes, so I’ve had to be pretty strategic with my sneaker buying.

While sharing this Slip Dress & Sneakers outfit, I also wanted to share how you can still keep your wardrobe on the minimalistic side, while being a sneakerphile.


Slip Dress & Sneakers Slip Dress Outfit with Sneakers Slip Dress Outfit with Sneakers

Jacket: Levis Slip Dress: Similar Sneakers: Nike Sunglasses: Quay Australia Earrings: Baublebar

One of the first ways I help keep my sneaker collection from overflowing is by making sure the bulk of my collection is either 1: a classic color or 2: a classic style.

So if I like a funky or more modern style, I like to keep the color in a classic neutral like black, white, grey or navy blue. If I’m wanting to add a sneaker with a bold color to my collection, I try to look for it in a more traditional style. These style of sneakers will most likely be found in the “lifestyle” or “classics” section of sneaker brand websites.

Another way I’m able to sneak in some color into my sneaker collection while keeping it functional and versatile is by adding colors that still serve as neutrals. Think grey-blues, olive greens and red. Yup, I consider red a neutral. It pairs so well as a pop of color with almost every other color that I never shy away from adding lots of it to my closet.

So that being said, I wanted share some of 10 of my favorite sneaker styles with you. Some of which I own and get a lot of use out of!


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