Waterpik Shower Hair Wand

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Waterpik Shower Hair Wand

Well, I’ll now have to make my shower playlist several songs longer. This Waterpik® Hair Wand is making my showers that much more relaxing. While I was excited to partner with Waterpik® to try out this Hair Wand Spa System, I seriously did not know how obsessed I’d become with it.Waterpik Shower Hair Wand

Besides the fact that this hair wand feels so good on my scalp (like a mini massage!), it also rinses out the shampoo and conditioner in less than a minute and helps to get out all of the product. And if you’ve ever left even a smidge of conditioner in your hair, you know how gross it feels when your hair dries. So that’s a big deal! It’s able to do so, because the Waterpik® Hair Wand has 3 settings that penetrate the roots of your hair: The PowerComb™, SoftComb™ and Gentle Rinse. All of which can also be used on your body to relieve muscle tension too.

And something I didn’t know before using this Waterpik® Hair Wand is that when we stimulate our scalp, we are activating it to be more hydrated and healthy, which means the follicles give us more luminous hair. Yes, please.

Waterpik Shower Hair Wand

All of the above is awesome, but my favorite aspect of the Waterpik® Hair Wand is that it naturally detangles my hair in the shower which saves me so much time. Most hair lengths make brushing/detangling after a shower an annoying process. However, if you have super long hair like me, it honestly feels like a battle between my brush and my hair. Which usually ends with me getting too frustrated to even finish brushing. With this hair wand, I get such a major head start to detangling my hair in the shower, that it takes me a quarter of the time to brush afterwards.

Waterpik Shower Hair WandWaterpik Shower Hair Wand

Warning: the Waterpik® Hair Wand may encourage a shower performance. I can’t say I haven’t used it as a microphone…because I have 🤪

And because this system works with any shower head and is so easy to install (took me less than 5 minutes), I think this would be a really fun and unique gift too!

You can check out a video of the hair wand and get a $10 rebate below:


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