Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots

Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots

It’s that time of the year, festival season 🌸 and we all know that half the fun of it is picking out cute outfits and styling our hair. My go-to is big waves, perfect for flower crowns or straw hats!

Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots

While I love the floral dresses, bright lipstick and fun accessories the season adds to my closet, I like to leave all hair damage behind. This makes hair care most important post festival season, so I reach for Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots. This product is small, but mighty!

Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots

If heat is applied to hair and it’s styled too frequently, it has a tendency to break in weaker areas. For those of you who plan on going to Coachella or any other festival this year, and know that you’ll be styling your hair often, I recommend using this product post festival as it’s ideal for damaged hair. Pantene is even the official haircare sponsor of Coachella this year! As for me, I use Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots to combat with the frizz Miami’s humidity brings and to help me enjoy my styled hair, without worrying about any damage 💁

Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots

These Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots contain an intensely absorbing blend of Pro-Vitamin B5, strengthening lipids and natural glycerin that help repair damaged hair areas, without weighing down hair. You apply it root-to-tip, let it work its magic for 30 seconds then rinse for 30 seconds. Because the Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots are single-use, you don’t have to worry about how much to use each treatment. Use all of that goodness in the tube each time!

I like to put a little extra focus on the center of my hair, as that’s usually the area that will frizz first for me. I’ve used this twice already, in place of my conditioner, and I already notice my hair softer and more importantly shinier in those areas that can get dull. Because the strengthening lipids get absorbed into hair, instead of just coating the hair, there is none of that weighed-down feeling some products can leave.

Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots

As someone with color-treated hair, I’m often worried about hair products that claim to be easy and give great results. However, I’m genuinely impressed by these new Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots. Of course they won’t be replacing my professional haircare, but I’m loving to use them in between my salon visits. Make sure you try these out if you’re looking to repair your hair after festival fun!

This post is sponsored by Pantene. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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