Celebrating International Women’s Day with adidas

Celebrating International Women's Day with adidas

I’m so excited to partner with adidas today to celebrate International Women’s Day, which is this Friday! I wanted to take an opportunity to highlight a specific set of women that inspire me in more ways than one.


Tights // Sneakers // Hat

Celebrating International Women's Day with adidas

As you can see in these photos, my usual pilates set up is in my living room, wearing my favorite gear from adidas. My favorite of all being these tights. They have the perfect stretch to them, while keeping their shape. When I do head out for my workout, I slip on my Puremotion shoes. These sneakers are comfortable, breathable and sleek enough to be cute to wear around town too.

For a very long time, working out at home was my go-to, because of the convenience and peacefulness of it. Also, to be honest, I had never been a fan of group fitness classes. I’ve always thought the atmosphere was too intense for my taste and I also never felt like working out with strangers. My how that has changed. And all because of women.

Celebrating International Women's Day with adidas

Not too long ago, I took back up to working out at a studio and in a fitness class, as well as at home. I came back with a fresh perspective that gave me the ability to be inspired by something that I had never paid much attention to before. I looked around me and saw women in all stages in life: young professionals, moms, pilates beginners and pilates pros, young and old. And I realized that just like me, they decided to be in that studio and to exercise.Celebrating International Women's Day with adidas

Whether they had a test to study for still, work to finish at home or the office, kids to feed dinner to, a chronic pain to fight through or any other personal dealings-these women were just like me. They decided to make the health of their body and mind a priority. This immediately inspired me. These women made me proud to be another woman exercising next to them.

Celebrating International Women's Day with adidas

While I was shocked to find such inspiration in a pilates studio, especially after my personal relationship with group fitness classes, I have never been surprised by how women have the ability to inspire me. Even strangers. Whether it’s a woman at your pilates studio, sitting next to you in class or down the hall at work, take a moment to admire the energy of the women around you. These women are putting in hard work and dedication, and you have a connection with them simply by deciding to show up and get after it too.

This post is sponsored by adidas. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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