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I’ve been meaning to get this weekend series started for a while and like so many things, it kept getting pushed to the side. I am a creature of habit, so sometimes when I have an idea I don’t get to it right away because I like my little, comfy routine and what’s familiar. I can say 6 months into this year I’ve definitely gotten better with putting the pedal to the medal on things, but I’ve definitely got some more growing to do 😉

Any who, I was inspired to create this series because #1 I’m that friend that every time you see I will have 10 new things I want to share with you, not about myself, but things I read, bought, tried or heard about. I’m just always trying to share with anyone that will listen anything I think is awesome, has resonated with me and I think they may enjoy or find use in too. And #2 because a couple of my favorite blogs that I’ve been following for years have incorporated these type of series and it’s always one of my favorite posts to read.

So, here we go!


    • I’m a big fan of these smaller cans of sparkling wine. Not necessarily to drink on their own, but for mixed drinks. They’re the perfect portion to open and serve 2 sometimes 3 drinks. I recently tried these Wine Cube Sparkling Rose Cans and I loved the way they tasted when added to mixed drinks. I’ve used them in sparkling strawberry margaritas and with my favorite liquor, St. Germaine. This brand, Wine Cube, also has boxed wine and I just purchased their Pinot Noir to give it a try. I’ve never had boxed wine, but hoping to get into it, because I end up throwing away so much wine that goes bad since I can never seem to drink a bottle fast enough to enjoy it’s freshness to the end. These boxed wines are supposed to stay fresh for 4 weeks, so let’s see!


  • Gold Nugget Mandarins

    • I started buying a 5lb bag of gold nugget mandarines at my local Walmart with my weekly groceries about 3 months ago and both the hubs and I are obsessed. Turns out they are a hybrid tangerine that is so stinkin’ sweet and wonderful. Easy to peel and honestly tastes like candy. I’d definitely look for them in your local markets-hello perfect poolside snack!


    • Before starting these Olly vitamins 2 months ago, I hadn’t taken vitamins for years. I now take Olly Women’s Multi-Vitamin and Olly Flawless Complexion and love them both. They taste delicious and I notice a different in both my skin and my overall well-being (energy levels, sleeping etc.) after just one week. I contribute that to a few of my rather new lifestyle choices, but I know these vitamins helped!


    • I recently discovered I was allergic to all of the perfumes I was wearing, so I made the switch to natural brands that have clean ingredients. One of them I now use is this Kai Rollerball Perfume which is made with essential oils and smells so lovely. I’m also very impressed with how the smallest amount goes a long way, so while it’s small in size, it will last you. Plus, the size makes it convenient to keep in your tiniest of purses too.


    • It’s no secret I love tequila; it’s 10/10 times my first choice when drinking spirits. I had been meaning to try this 1800 Coconut Tequila for so long and finally got around to purchasing a bottle about a month ago. This stuff is so good. It’s naturally distilled with ripe coconuts and while you definitely taste the flavor, it’s also not overwhelming at all and smooth enough to drink on the rocks!


    • Almost every summer I like to purchase a simple and casual, but still cute flip-flop. Something that will be perfect for vacations where I can wear them with my swimsuit to the beach and look just as good with a sundress in the evening. I just got in the mail these pearl studded jelly sandals that are only $19 and so adorable! They run TTS.



    • We had a recent oopsie at my household where a certain husband put my plastic wine glasses in the dish-washer and they all warped and melted. It was a sad day. However, I just purchased these adorable colorful plastic wine glasses as replacements and these are actually a bit more heavy duty (still lightweight) and can be dish-washed, so no more mistakes 😉

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