My Everyday Hair Products

My Everyday Hair Products

Some of the most frequent questions I receive are about my hair. I always feel like I’m a let down when I answer them, since I hardly do anything to my hair. I just try and keep an eye on it and it’s changes so I can maintain it’s health and so that I don’t have to use 100 products…because chances are I won’t 🙈

I did roundup my everyday hair products I use and when I use them. I don’t like to stick to one thing when it comes to my hair, because I do find my hair/scalp needs change depending on my lifestyle.

Shampoo + Conditioners

I use the apple cider vinegar shampoo + conditioner as my everyday choice.  I just love everything apple cider vinegar, it’s such an incredible resource that offers our bodies lots of balance and healing.

Especially during the summer months where my scalp does tend to get sunburnt (my very dark hair acts like huge target for the sun), I like to give my scalp extra attention with the Head & Shoulder Deep Moisture. So I’m sure to bring with me on my summer vacays and use anytime I’m in the sun a lot.

Even though I sweat intensely everyday when I go to the gym, there are times where I really need to give my hair an extra good wash. On those days I use the Pantene Charcoal shampoo + conditioner. It smells amazing and my hair feels so stinkin’ clean after using it. I love it. And I tend to notice my hair battles the sweat/oils for a more days than usual when I wash with this.  

Dry Shampoos

The Kristin Ess dry shampoo is the newest one I’ve tried and added to my rotation. I like to use this when my hair is at it’s oiliest, because I find it REALLY soaks up oils. So much so that if my hair isn’t oily enough, I think it can actually make my hair look dry. So I reserve it for last days before a wash or after an extra sweaty workout.

My choice for everyday dry shampoo that has the BEST SCENT EVER is eva NYC. You can skip your perfume when you wear this, it’s just the most delicious, fresh smell. It’s never let me down.

Not Your Mother’s Plump For Joy has been my go-to for building some volume in my hair, even when it’s clean. I love the bit of texture and oomph it gives my hair and I can build it up with out it weighing down my hair.

Hair Mist + Oils

I’ve mentioned how low maintenance I am with my hair countless times-once I wash my hair, I don’t use many more products. If my hair is dry in some areas or has some frizz, I will use a tiny amount of  my rose hip oil (that I love and use on my skin). I use this like a spot treatment to any areas that need extra TLC. A little goes a long way.

I also love the Pacifica scented hair + body mist, especially now for summer. It’s natural, vegan and gives my hair the yummiest smell. My favorite scent is the vanilla. I always bring it with me on vacations and often will just spray this on my hair and skip perfume.

ALSO. I PROMISE my hair tutorials are coming. That’s another question that I get constantly and I will try and get that done asap 🙏

Cheers to a great week!

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