Links & Things 7.20.19

Miami blogger Camille Turney styles Red Dress Boutique Rainbow Stripe Romper

Happy Saturday-hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead of you! I’m just coming back from a relaxing tropical staycation, which was just what the doctor ordered. I’ll be sharing all about that stay on here soon, so stay tuned!

During my stay I wore lots of colorful swimsuits and outfits, one of them being this cute rainbow stripe romper that is so fun!


If you’re wondering if there will be any Nordstrom sale posts coming from me, the answer is nope. I love Nordstrom, but I always like to share items with you that others may not be and with this sale many share the same exact things, which means they’re probably great things, but that doesn’t leave room for much creativity and originality. So I just like to skip it! However, the sale really is a good way to save on items for Fall-so happy shopping if you’re stocking up! 😊

Now onto today’s Links & Things…

    • This has been my FAVORITE blush and shade for a year and two days ago I dropped it and it shattered along with my heart. I threw a mini tantrum and realize if I was that upset about a blush shattering I definitely love it enough to share it with you! This shade is “LOVE IS THE DRUG”. It looks way more vibrant in the photo, but blends so beautifully.



    • This pretty bag is only $32 and I love that it can be worn as a crossbody, but also that circle handle allows for another cute style option. The beads give it a perfectly unique beachy touch too!





    • I’ve really loved using this Organic Aloe Antioxidant Calming Mist in place of regular aloe. It offers so much more than just a soothing feeling and replenishes skin in many ways thanks to it’s Green Tea, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It costs a bit more than just plain aloe you can buy at the drugstore, but a little goes a long way AND it’s organic AND it gives you so much more for your buck.




    • This Hanacure treatment is an at-home facial that has been a cult-favorite for close to 2 years now and I’m thinking it may be time to try it out for myself. The reviews are awesome, even if the process of the facial is a little scary 😳

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